Over the past few months or even years, I have become an eyeshadow palette collector (it sounds better than makeup hoarder lol). I am sure if covid did not happen, my collection would be smaller but hey.. retail therapy does work. Today, I would like to show you my favourite pieces from my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy

Although this is not the best quality palette on this list, it is my favourite due to its colours. I think they are very playful allowing me to experiment a little as well as create nice everyday looks. Palette offers countless combinations and it is composed of matte shadows, shimmer shadows, one holographic shadow and two glitters so there is really something for every occasion. The only downside is that some of the matte shades can be too powdery.

Schwarzkopf: Blond Me - Review

* AD - Gifted for review. 

I don't know how about you but I have been counting every day till the hairdressers are opened. For Scotland, that day is on the 5th of April and it feels like waiting for Christmas. 
Until then, I had to take care of my hair on my own. I would never cut my hair and I successfully resisted the urge to buy hair colour and just dye it myself so I mainly focused on maintaining the current colour as bright and alive as possible. 

Caudalie: Instant Detox Mask

*AD - gifted for review

Over the past few months, my skin was doing terribly. Although I am a proud owner of dry-ish skin, my skin started acting out to the point I thought my skin type completely changed to combination skin. This could be due to the fact I was not leaving the flat as often since I live in Scotland and it was constantly raining or snowing over the past few weeks. I don't know what is the cause but something had to be done. 

New in: Morphe

Buying makeup I don’t need whenever Morphe has a sale is a great weakness of mine. If I said I shop there at least every month it would be no understatement. 

This time I bought three lovely pieces - eyeshadow palette, blush palette and a foundation. All of it for only £22 because Morphe was offering 40% off sale items. What a bargain. 

The main reason I made this order was this stunning blush palette - 8C COOL PRO BLUSH palette.  Somehow I was low on a blush (who would believe I am low in stock on anything makeup related lol) and although there is a lovely Hourglass face palette waiting for me at home in the Czech Republic, who knows when will I be able to visit my family again. Until then I had to get something else and this palette was just screaming “buy me!”. 

I was also dying to try their Fluidity full coverage foundation although I have heard mixed reviews about this one. It offers full coverage and a matte finish and it is available in unbelievable 60 shades! And yes, somehow I did not pick the right one. Oh well. 

The last piece is this beautiful palette - 35M BOSS MOOD. If there is something I don’t need, it is more eyeshadow palettes but since it was nearly as much as postage I would have to pay if my order did not reach £20, it was no brainer - I added the palette to the order too. Not sure if I organise a giveaway or just give it to someone for my birthday.. or even keep it myself because it is actually really pretty. One way or another, it will not be wasted. 

Rowenta: Premium Care Brush Activ Volume and Shine

AD - Gifted

Going to see a hairdresser for a nice and lovely blow-dry is really not an option at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic. That's why hair dryer brushes received so much attention recently. It literally took all over social media. The results always looked fantastic, so I wanted to try this home-made-blow-dry-made-easy trend for myself. There are many options to chose from and I picked the Premium Care Brush Activ Volume and Shine brush from Rowenta that promises salon-blow dry result with shine and care. 


*AD - gifted

I am little ashamed that I did not try the Stay Stay Matte Ink lipsticks from Maybelline earlier.  Although I am a massive fan of any lip makeup that does stay on for the whole day, I never really felt like giving these a go. At this point, I have no idea why because these would make my former student/bar life much easier. 


AD - Gifted by Notino. 

After nearly seven long years, I have decided to say goodbye to my old curling wand. It's been with me through some very rough times starting with the first year at uni up until now. I have bought it when I was still a teenager. I must say I am impressed that it survived for so long and that it is still functional. However, although I loved it deeply, it is time to move on and get myself a curling iron that is more gentle to my hair.