L'oreal Paris - Panorama Mascara (Review)

AD - The product mentioned was gifted to me for a review. 

In the world of lip oils, glosses and tints, I did not expect to see any new mascaras from L'oreal Paris on the market anytime soon but to my surprise one of the L'oreal's big launches this year is another mascara (possibly as a recovery from the infamous mascara-gate lol). The mascara carries a majestic name - Volume Million Lashes Panorama promising a volume of million lashes. It comes in two colours, black and brown and I picked both to test as I like to have both colours handy. 

The Panorama mascara has a silicone wand with short and quite sharp bristles. I usually like this type of applicator the best but the bristles are a bit too harsh so the application is not very comfortable. My eyes are not irritated during the application but I can feel the bristles being a bit scratchy if that makes sense (keep in mind I wear contacts so my eyes are quite sensitive). That goes for both mascaras. Once applied, this mascara becomes the most comfortable eye product ever but more on that later.  

Both colours are quite dry which means there is less mess when applying - less smudges but I think we can assume the mascaras will dry quicker. On the other hand, at least we are forced to stick to an expiry date (I am 'as long as it does not smell bad' kind of gal but I am very strict when it comes to mascaras as my eyes are fairly sensitive).

Overall effect is subtle. To get any decent volume, I need to apply several layers which is fine because I feel like the dry formula and layering helps to prevent clumping of the lashes (yay!). I think the mascara goes well with the current trend of less intense looking lashes. 

As I already said, neither of the mascaras smudges and it sits comfortably the whole day. I have not cried in it yet (perhaps because I do not wear makeup when working most of the days lol) but the mascara is very much sweat resistant and lasts a whole day without any issues.

As much as the effect is nothing out of the ordinary, this mascara is extremely comfortable to wear. Most drugstore and even high-end mascaras start annoying my eyes after a few hours but this is not the case here and I really appreciate it. This aspect is more important to me than the overall effect and I would always pick more subtle mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes over a mascara that makes me look like I have thick falsies on but makes me cry dark pigmented tears. 

Overall, it's not bad mascara but it's nothing revolutionary especially compared to L'oreal Lash Paradise (here is a recommendation for you if you like to stay faithful to the same brand). If I ever get my hands on this mascara again, I will happily use it but my favourites still are the YSL’s Lash Clash and Maybelline’s Sky High or already mentioned Lash Paradise from L’oreal.

Juliette has a gun - Mmmm | Review

AD - This perfume was gifted to me for a review

If there were an award for the most enigmatic name in the realm of perfume brands, Juliette has a gun would undoubtedly secure a top position. Upon encountering the brand for the first time, I couldn't help but assume it was some obscure joke that I did not understand. However, as it turns out, Juliette has a gun is not only a legitimate brand but also holds a prestigious status in the realm of luxury perfumes.

As the time went, I've developed a deeper appreciation for niche perfumes. Their uniqueness and exclusivity appeal to me more than ever before. Don't get me wrong; I still love my Armani Si, but there's something captivating about fragrances that set themselves apart. Yet, I've found navigating the world of niche perfumes to be somewhat challenging. Often, they're either exorbitantly priced or overwhelmingly potent. Given my sensitivity to certain scents, I tend to tread cautiously. This is where Juliette has a gun excels. While its perfumes may be priced at a premium, they remain within the realm of accessibility. The fragrances, though distinctive, are remarkably wearable. It was amidst this allure that I gravitated towards their perfume named Mmmm.

Available in two sizes—50ml and 100ml—the bottle exudes sheer elegance. Its simplicity is elevated by a captivating colour, making it really enjoyable to photograph. Moreover, the bottle is fairly heavy which gives it a sense of luxury. 

Mmmm unfolds its olfactory journey with top notes of Neroli, leading to a heart comprised of Iris, Jasmin Sambac, Tuberose, Raspberry, and Orange Blossom. Finally, it settles into a base of Vanilla, White Musk, Patchouli, Heliotrope, Caramel, and Sandalwood. The resulting scent is a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness with a powdery undertone—a combination that typically doesn't resonate with me. However, in the case of Mmmm, it seamlessly coalesces into an enchanting aroma. The initial burst of juicy raspberry gradually gives way to a creamy vanilla essence, accented by a subtle hint of caramel.

Despite encountering reviews suggesting otherwise, I must disagree with the notion that this perfume lacks longevity. I've found that I can smell  the perfume on my skin even after a full day of wear, garnering compliments along the way. While it may not be the most overt scent, its presence is palpable enough for those in close proximity to notice—a victory in my book.

In conclusion, I am pleased with my selection of perfume for the impending spring season. I anticipate further explorations with the unconventional offerings of Juliette has a gun, or as some affectionately refer to it, JHAG.

I will not burn out!

AD - Please note some products mentioned int this post were gifted to me by Notino.co.uk

I was just 16 when I first heard the term "burnout." It came up in my high school social science class, and I distinctly remember wondering who would allow themselves to reach such a state just for work. Little did I know, more than ten years later, that someone would be me.

Given my history with eating disorders and anxiety, struggles that have persisted since my mid-teenage years, it's not surprising that I didn't set myself up for a healthy relationship with work. This should have been a warning sign that I needed to be careful about how I approached my day-to-day life. I'm not one for half measures—I consider myself a hard worker, and I always took pride in that. However, it turns out that this trait can be a recipe for disaster.

Me ready for my 'I will not burn out' daily walk. 

My therapist explains that our "primitive brain" deals with stress, prioritizing basic survival over everything else. If this continues for extended periods, we become drained, forgetting the essentials of life. I experienced this firsthand—I forgot to switch off, to acknowledge there are things beyond work, and most importantly, to take care of myself. Simple things like eating and staying hydrated slipped through the cracks. There were days when all I consumed were two cups of coffee, and I didn't even notice.

As someone not inclined towards New Year's resolutions, the period before Christmas became my breaking point. With some proper time off during the holidays, I realized something had to change; otherwise, I would break myself beyond repair. It became evident that the problem lay in my attitude and approach to work and life, rather than the environment itself.

So, how can I save my mind?

1) Reconnect with Hobbies: To rediscover who I am, or more precisely, to remind myself that I am not just my work, I need to return to some of my hobbies. Not being particularly adept at small talk, and having been engrossed in work for the past year, I haven't been the most engaging person to be around. Considering a return to dancing, despite my lack of proficiency, might provide a humbling experience. It could teach me that it's okay not to shine and simply engage in something for the pure joy it brings.

Lucky for you, no photo of me dancing. Instead here is a photo of me enjoying my second hobby - drinking Butter Beer at Victoria Street (aka Diagon Alley)

2) Prioritize Hydration: Drinking more water is essential. Realizing how dehydrated I am after experiencing what feels like altitude sickness from my European water intake (read as two cups of coffee) is a wake-up call. Since I've always struggled with fluid intake, I've taken a cue from basic girl habits—purchased a new Instagrammable water bottle from Sigg and placed a reminder sticker in my diary. Hoping for at least one liter, if not a full two liters, of water intake daily. 

3) Train My Mind to Let Go: This is trickier and will require more effort. I want my mind to respond to certain sensory stimuli by relaxing. Being highly responsive to scents, I've chosen the Peace of Mind collection from Origins for this task. Specifically, the On-the-spot Relief, a gel-like substance applied to wrists, temples, and the back of the neck, produces a cooling effect that helps relax the mind. It may be a placebo, but that's precisely what I need to train my mind. Additionally, the Nourishing hand cream from the same collection, with its divine scent, leaves my hands soft.

In summary, I have plenty to focus on this year, and I am cautiously optimistic about what lies ahead in 2024.

Glass lips with Hourglass

The glossy trend has firmly established itself this season. Whether you identify as a clean girl, a strawberry girl, or the spouse of a mob boss, lip gloss has likely become a staple in your makeup routine. It amuses me to reflect on how just a couple of years ago, I only had one gloss in my collection that I never reached for, and lip liner was the last thing on my makeup investment list. Fast forward to 2023 and now 2024, and gloss and lip liner are absolute must-haves for me.

Hourglass Glossy Balm

In recent months, a completely new lip product has taken the market by storm, aligning perfectly with the glossy trend – glossy plumping balms. Blending the pigment of a lipstick, nourishment from a lip balm, and the glassy effect of lip gloss, this innovative product has captured the beauty community's attention. I must confess, I succumbed to this trend as well, and today, I'm reviewing one of the most luxurious options out there – the Volumizing Glossy Balm from Hourglass.

Hourglass Glossy Balm

Available in eight shades, I opted for the shade Trace (105). The balm is housed in a golden pen with a twist base that dispenses a small, controlled amount of product. The entire packaging exudes a substantial weight, contributing to its overall expensive feel.

Upon application, the balm instantly plumps the lips, accompanied by a pleasant tingly sensation signifying its effectiveness. What sets this product apart is that the plumping effect is visible without causing any discomfort – a relief compared to some lip glosses that enhance lip size but come with a painful trade-off.

Hourglass Glossy Balm

The glossy finish is truly stunning, creating a glass-like effect that surprisingly lasts a long time. So far, it stands as the longest-lasting lip balm of this type in my experience. While it may not survive numerous drinks and meals, if left untouched, I usually find myself topping up after a couple of hours – an impressive feat in the world of lip glosses.

Overall, I genuinely love this balm despite its higher price tag. My only wish is for a broader shade range, as none of the current options resonate with me the way, for example, Nars's Sweet Disposition does. Given the popularity of this balm, I can envision Hourglass expanding the shade range in the near future.

Caring for my Parched Lips in Winter

* AD - Please note products mentioned in this post were gifted to me for a review

When the temperature takes a nosedive below five degrees Celsius, my lips decide it's the perfect time to go on strike and turn into a dry, flaky mess. Typically, I'd reach for the chapstick after my lips have already started resembling a shedding snake (a tad too late, I know). But with the current lip care craze, featuring everything from luscious glosses to hydrating lip oils, I've become a self-proclaimed lip care aficionado. I've tested numerous products and zeroed in on a couple that are currently rocking my winter world.

The Overnight Lip Mask Adventure

I used to be skeptical about lip masks, dismissing them as overpriced pots of glorified Vaseline. That was until I found myself in Denver, a mile above sea level, where the air was drier than a desert. Despite chugging about four liters of water, my skin, especially my hands and lips, felt like a barren wasteland. That's when I had an epiphany and embraced the power of good lip products, including the game-changer – overnight masks to save my extremely dry lips.

My current crush is the Buttermilk for Lips with Coconut Oil and Wild Mango Butter from Kiehl's. Packed in a small plastic pot holding 10g of sheer magic, this mask boasts a thick formula that transforms into a melty goodness once applied. While the name hints at a tropical paradise, the scent is more cocoa than coconut, thanks to the cocoa seed butter tucked inside, along with shea butter, beeswax, and other nourishing goodies.

This mask does wonders, leaving my lips irresistibly soft. It's not a quick fix for severe lip damage, but it works like a superhero to speed up the healing process. Now, I'll be honest, this mask is a bit of a splurge. Is it worth it? If you're contemplating, my vote is yes. But is it an absolute necessity, considering the price? Probably not.

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm Love Affair

Coming from someone who has gone through approximately a gazillion chapsticks, it's surprising that my current lip balm crush comes in a squeeze tube. Weleda, a brand I recently stumbled upon, has been a delightful surprise this year. Mrs. Hailey Bieber's radiant glow with the Skin Food cream as a base got me curious, and now, I'm hooked.

The lip balm, housed in a convenient squeeze tube, is a nourishing dream. Unlike many balms, it stays put and doesn't wander off to explore the rest of my face unintentionally. Bonus points: it gives my lips a juicy, natural-looking gloss. I find myself reapplying every three hours just to keep those lips soft and supple throughout the day. It even works wonders on top of lipstick, adding a glossy finish.

Discovering this lip balm is the cherry on top of my 2023. Here's to a fabulous next year! Big thanks to all of you for the fantastic support in 2023. Cheers to happy, hydrated lips!

Very last minute gift idea for her!

* AD - Please note the products mentioned were gifted to me for a post. 

Hey there, fellow holiday enthusiasts! Can you believe it's almost time to bid adieu to 2023 and say hello to 2024? Time sure knows how to sneak up on us! But before we get lost in the New Year's countdown, let me drop a quick tip for all you last-minute Christmas shoppers, especially those of you still on the prowl for some gifts for your mum, granny, or your almost-30-year-old girlfriend/wife (because age is just a number, right?).

Now, if you're in the market for a top-notch beauty brand, let me point you in the fabulous direction of Estee Lauder. Trust me, any of their gift sets is like taking a step towards beauty bliss. This year, the one stealing the spotlight for me is the All Day Hydration set. Picture this: four travel-sized treasures, including the iconic Advanced Night Repair serum, lovingly referred to as 'liquid Botox' (I mean, it sounds quirky, but you get the vibe, right?).

I've dabbled in Estee Lauder's skincare, including the Advanced Night Repair serum, back in my early twenties. It was a positive experience, but let's be real, anti-aging wasn't exactly my top priority back then. Fast forward to my very late twenties, where the first wrinkles are making their grand entrance on my forehead – and enter the Advanced Night Repair collection! Cue the excitement as I embark on this skincare journey.

Inside this treasure trove, you'll find a 15ml pot of DayWear cream, a 15ml pot of NightWear Plus cream, a 7ml bottle of the magical Advanced Night Repair serum, and a 5ml Advanced Night Repair eye gel. The creams are so concentrated that even my Sahara-like dry skin doesn't demand an ocean of product – meaning this little set is set to last, despite its petite size. Moreover, the creams are water-based (or gel-like if you will) which is a plus for me as I am not a huge fan of heavy and oily creams.

Perfect for jet setters (because who doesn't love travel-sized goodies?), this set is also a fantastic introduction to Estée Lauder's skincare world without causing a dent in your bank account. So, before the Christmas frenzy takes over completely, consider treating yourself or a loved one to this beauty treasure. 

Here's to radiant skin and a fabulous holiday season! Wishing you all the joy and sparkle this Christmas!

Maison Margiela: Christmas Gift Set

AD - Gifted product

What better way to embrace the festive cheer than with a fresh batch of Christmas gift sets? Now, I know gift sets are a year-round affair, but there's something magical about those Merry bundles that just scream "extra special." Today, I'm diving into a gift set that not only brings the holiday cheer but also packs a punch in the value department, especially given the swanky reputation of the brand.

Let's talk about Maison Margiela's Replica perfumes – a collection that's as unique as it gets. Housed in unassuming bottles that could easily pass for your everyday drugstore find, the Replica fragrances defy expectations. Despite the nondescript name, these babies are the crème de la crème of high-end scents. The Replica collection is like a silent whisper of luxury in the beauty world.

Now, the gift set I've got my hands on features two 30ml fragrances sitting in a charming white gift box. First up, we've got "Beach Walk," reminding of sun-kissed salty skin. Then there's "By the Fireplace," inspired by the cozy embrace of burning wood and chestnuts.

Beach Walk holds a special place in my heart, evoking memories of sun-soaked days on the beach, inhaling that intoxicating blend of sea, salt, and sunscreen. It's a light, breezy scent that I'm saving for the warmer months – the quintessential fragrance for those perfect summer days.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper and Lemon
Middle Notes: Ylang Ylang, Coconut milk, Heliotrope and Transluzone
Base Notes: Musk, Cedarwood and Benzion

Now, let's talk about "By the Fireplace." Close your eyes and imagine stepping into a cottage on a chilly evening, the fireplace ablaze, enveloping you in a warm, comforting cocoon. That's exactly what this fragrance delivers. As time goes on, it transforms into a woody oriental symphony with the most subtle hint of orange blossom.

Top Notes: Clove oil, Pink Pepper and Orange Flower Petals
Middle Notes: Chestnut Accord, Gaiic Wood Oil
Base Notes: Vanilla Accord, Cashmeran

Unlike its beachy counterpart, "By the Fireplace" is all about the colder seasons. It's a heavyweight fragrance, exuding warmth in every note. And that's precisely why this set has stolen my heart. Not only does it offer incredible value, but it also gives me two distinct scents – one for the sun-soaked days and the other for cozying up by the fire. It's a year-round olfactory adventure that has me covered from season to season. Cheers to Maison Margiela fragrances and the magic they bring!