Bobbi Brown: Pink Glow Liquid Higlighter

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No need to mention I am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown. I love her makeup, skincare, and brushes… there is not a product I have tried that I do not like. 

A while ago, Bobbi Brown released a new collection called Glowing Pink. It features an eyeshadow palette, highlighting powder, face liquid highlighter and a lip tint. All products come in lovely purple-pink packaging. For today’s review, I picked the face liquid highlighter. 

The packaging is gorgeous! The purple and gold colours aside, the bottle is made of tint rather than plastic. This gives the product a more expensive feel. This is not surprising, Bobbi Brown’s products tend to come in good quality packaging in general. 

The formula of this highlighter is very light and blendable. It works as a base or as a highlighter on top of the makeup. I have to admit I was expecting more prominent glow considering how shiny the powder higlighters from Bobbi Brown are but this one is the way more subtle. It creates very natural glow, it’s actually perfect on a skin without any foundation or on top of tinted moisturiser. 

It sits well on a skin compared to some other liquid highlighters I own so I have been using this religiously in the past two weeks. However, I am a fan of shine so I top up the shine on my cheeks using the Glowing Pink powder highlighter also from Bobbi Brown. 


It seems like we have completely moved away from full coverage matte foundations. In the past year, everyone has been more and more focused on the natural side of makeup and therefore there is a big influx of tinted creams, BB creams and serum foundations that offer just a light coverage. 

I have tried several of these products. I quite liked the L’oreal’s True Match Serum Foundation although I think the bottle won’t last long considering the amount of product that needs to be used for single use. I also tried the same type of product from Max Factor, the Miracle Foundation which did not work for me. It did not stick well to my skin creating a weird sheer mask. It may work on the others but not on me unfortunately. However, last year I have discovered a product, that achieved whatever these new tinted serums tried to achieve even before it was popular. Yes, I am talking about the Sport BB Cream SPF50 from Shiseido

The BB cream comes in a grey 50mL bottle with neon writing on it. The cream is very runny, unlike most BB creams I have tried. It’s closer to a tinted serum or toner than it is to cream to be honest. It gets instantly absorbed by the skin leaving it evened out a lightly tinted (needless to say I decided to get a darker shade for fake tan days). It creates the illusion of perfect no-makeup skin. Thanks to the non-sticky formula, the makeup look looks fresh even after a busy and sweaty day (hence the Sport in the name). 

Moreover, it offers SPF 50. I would still recommend using a separate SPF as a part of your routine because you would need to use a huge amount of the BB cream to achieve SPF50 but it is good to have the foundation providing an extra layer of protection. 

It comes in 5 shades which is not many but since the cream offers very light coverage and adjusts to a skin tone, it is perfectly fine and I am confident you will find your match. 

I love how it looks on my face. My skin absorbs this BB cream with such ease creating the illusion that this is my skin without any makeup on. If you are looking for something lighter in line with the current clean look trends, I would 100 per cent recommend Shiseido's Sun Care Sports BB cream

Lancome: L'Absolu Mademoiselle Shine - Review

AD - Gifted for a review

Spring has finally arrived… hopefully (well it’s raining in Edinburgh at all times this week but at least the days are longer). Not only it is getting warmer which means the dress season is upon us, but my Paris trip also is literally just behind the corner and to celebrate this occasion, I will review a stunning lipstick from Lancome, a luxury brand originating in France. 

The L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine in a shade 368 Mademoiselle Smiles is the newest member of my lipstick collection family. The shade is gorgeous. The dark pink catches everyone’s eye but it is less aggressive than red shades. 

The lipstick offer cream and a glossy finish. It has a consistency of a lip balm but the pigment is as rich as in lipstick. The lipstick is nourishing and hydrating and it sits nicely on the lips. For a creamy lipstick, it lasts for a long time but it needs to be topped up after a drink or a bite. 

This lipstick collection is around for a while now, since 2019 if I am not mistaken, however, I think due to the popularity of the matte makeup, it was not given the recognition this lipstick definitely deserves. However, I believe the time of glory for L’absolu Mademoiselle Shine is just behind the corner. I think this lipstick aligns well with the glowy trends of this season

This lipstick is available in 23 shades ranging from nude to pink. I love the shade I picked as I usually wear a pink lipstick of a similar shade around this time of the year and I will consider buying myself a nude shade as well. I am yet to fully appreciate the charm of glosses so this balmy lipstick seems like a perfect compromise to me. However, keep in mind, that this lipstick is nothing for ultra-matte long-lasting formula lovers. 

Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium Intense

AD - Gifted

There are a few perfumes, that are consistently reappearing in my fragrance collection. One of them is Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium. It was one of my first high-end perfumes and I still love it despite its season of fame being probably long gone. I remember half of the women on the streets smelled like that and I could pick it up easily since the scent is quite strong and unique. 

Due to Black Opium’s success, Yves Saint Laurent came up with many different takes on Black Opium, The most recent one being the Black Opium Illicit Green. As much as I wanted to try the new fragrance, I had my eye on the Black Opium Intense for a while (pretty much since I got a sample ages ago). 

The name and composition suggest the fragrance is a stronger version of the original Black Opium and it is true. Initially, I thought the Intense version is more refreshing but as I am comparing them side by side, I agree the intense version is more intense. I think they both smell exactly the same at the start but later the original develops into a more floral and lighter scent while the intense one stays as deep as it was at the start. It seems to be more mature and mysterious - perhaps a combination of Good Girl from Carolina Herrera and Original Black opium.

I like Black Opium Intense a lot. It is very similar to the original one but It offers a nice twist that makes the scent more unique and fun. It is a great option for us who have been wearing Black Opium for years and now are getting bored of the same fragrance. It lasts as well as the original (basically until you shower). 

I would like to thank Notino for gifting me this perfume but more importantly, I am so happy Notino decided to support Ukraine in this difficult time. If you want to Help Ukraine, please check out the link and read more about how can donate some money via shopping and check out how is Notino supporting Ukraine. 

Keeping my Dyson curls in place

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… or any curls in that matter.

A few months ago I treated myself with Dyson Airwrap (I am working on an in-depth review). As you probably know, some people struggle to make their airwrap curls last and at the start, I was one of them. After a few months, I have learnt how to treat my hair and discovered a few products that help the curls last the whole day.

1) Dream Coat from Color Wow

Surprisingly enough, probably the biggest game-changer was not an ultra-strong hairspray but rather a spray that is commonly used for hair straightening. The dream coat works as a heat protection spray that keeps the hair shiny and smooth. Most importantly, it protects hair from humidity and I think this made the biggest difference for styling my hair. Edinburgh is located at the seaside and therefore the humidity is always high (not mentioning it is always about to rain. Always). Dream coat from Color Wow protects the hair from the effect of the humidity and holds my curls without any issues.

2) Tangle Teezer

Tangle teezer brush is a must-have regardless of what styling tools are you using. It detangles your hair without pulling them out. 

3) Olaplex Bonding Oil

I have mentioned this oil several times because I absolutely adore it. Two drops and my hair is shiny and nourished without leaving it heavy and greasy. Moreover, it also works as a heat protectant. Olaplex is one of my favourite hair care brands and this oil is 100% worth the money. 

4) L'oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Mousse

I have never used a mousse before this one but the same as every product in the Tecni Art collection - amazing! It holds my hair in any shape and condition. If mousse is not your game, any other product from this collection will do. 

5) Yves Rocher Raspberry Vinegar

This is my holy grail for shiny hair. It’s a strange one. It does not offer a miraculous effect after the first use but it works great in a long run. And again, I know there are products that will work more effectively, however, this one does not add extra weight to my hair. It is easy to use - just cover your hair in it after washing your hair and rinse off after one minute. And since it smells absolutely delicious I am just going to say please do not drink it lol. 

L'oreal: Love Liberté

AD - Products were gifted <3

Better late than never. Valentine’s day is now in the past and yet I am here talking about Valentine’s day collection from L’oreal Paris. The thing is, Valentine’s day makeup collections are usually wearable and relevant all year long - kisses and love hearts are safe even in the middle of August unlike Christmas symbols such as Santa. 

I must admit I usually do not celebrate Valentine’s day as mine and my partner's anniversary is exactly one week prior so we usually have a small celebration then and just ignore Valentine’s. That does not mean I do not enjoy Valentine’s day collection fun (and that applies to make-up and the chocolate lol). There are loads of Valentine's gift sets but this time I decided to build my own. Firstly, I really wanted to try this collections and secondly, the Valentine's gift box in pink colour with red hearts all over it is just too pretty to ignore. 

Anyways this post was scheduled to be posted prior to Valentine’s day but something has happened just a week before. My boyfriend proposed and I said yes. I was overwhelmed with excitement to do anything but talk about the wedding so here we are talking about Valentine's makeup after Valentine's day. This collection is, however, so beautiful that you need it in your permanent collection for all year long. 

Love Liberté Lipsticks

This year L’oreal came up with probably the most beautiful design they ever produced. The packaging is gorgeous but the design of the lipstick steals the show. The hearts all over turn the an ordinary lipstick into a peace of art. 

The lipsticks come in three shades - nude (235 Nude), pink (112 Paris Paris) and red (125 Maison Marais). All thee of them are creamy and hydrating. The red and pink ones are well pigmented. The nude one offers a lovely colour, however, the pigment belongs to the sheer side as most nude lipsticks from L'oreal do. I don't think L'oreal has a good nude lipstick formula as this is not the first nude shade from this brand I am not too impressed with. However, the pink and the red shades are amazing. They are so rich and they last long (for a classic lipstick) as they leave a stain on the lips that does not move. 

The nude shade aside (that can be the lipstick for a display lol), I am pleasantly surprised. I am usually not the biggest fan of shiny creamy lipsticks and I am always worried, cream lipstick will get smudged. I am not going to lie, there is always a possibility of such an occurance with any creamy lipstick but in this case, you do not have to worry that the lippies will travel all over your face deliberately. 

The price is right, you could not ask for prettier packaging and the colours are beautiful.

Lash Paradise Love Liberté

This is not the first time I am talking about the iconic Lash Paradise mascara. It's one of my drugstore ultimate favourites and I keep recommending it together with Sky High from Maybelline. The mascara gives my lashes length and volume of fake lashes without looking fake if that makes sence. The bristles are gentle and the mascara does not irritate my eyes. 

Bath and Body Works: Room Sprays

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You probably know by now that since I became a homeowner, I became a huge candle, diffuser, wax melt enthusiast and a fan of home fragrance in general. There is one area I did not explore much yet and that is room sprays. Up until now, my understanding of room sprays reached as far as the generic ocean scented bathroom spray goes. But did you know there is a whole new world of actual nice smelling room sprays out there? 

I picked two from Bath and BodyWorks. I love their candles so I thought this brand may offer me a good start to this brand-new world of home fragrances. I picked Spiced Apple Toddy and Sun-Drenched Linen - one sweet and warm and the other fresh and cosy.