The only Lip liner I have ever repurchased

AD - This product was gifted to me for a review

Who would have thought that in 2024, my go-to product would be a lip liner? I've reached a point where I'd choose a lip liner over mascara any day. If you've known me for a while, you'd understand the significance of this statement.

I've experimented with various lip liners in the past – some excellent, others not so much. Interestingly, lip liners defy the notion that higher price equals better quality. I've discovered fantastic lip liners for as little as £2, while some priced at £20 were disappointingly terrible. It's one of those rare product categories where price isn't a reliable indicator of quality.

While I'm a huge fan of very affordable Catrice’s Plumping Lip Liner, my absolute favorite comes from MAC Cosmetics. It's the only lip liner I've repurchased in the same shade. A few months back, social media went crazy over the Lip Pencil in the shade Whirl. It felt validating because I'd been using this liner for about a year by that point.The hype surrounding it is justified. 

The liner offers a universally flattering deep nude shade that complements any skin tone and a wide range of lipstick shades. My preferred method of application is pairing it with a lip gloss. Filling in my lips with the pencil and topping it off with a clear or deep nude lip gloss creates the perfect combination for my lips. Surprisingly, my favorite lip gloss to pair it with is Juicy Bomb from Essence. It's a steal, in my opinion, and the shade Pretty Plum matches my skin tone perfectly. As for lipstick, I keep gravitating towards one of my favorites: Powematte from NARS in the shade Sweet Disposition.

The pencil is richly pigmented (yet not overly so that it leaves crumbs around my lips). It's blendable, but once it sets, it stays put for hours, even through drinks and meals. Of course, it may need a touch-up throughout the day, but thanks to its forgiving shade, you'll manage just fine even if you forget your lip liner at home.

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