Keeping my Dyson curls in place

*AD - Some products mentioned in this post were gifted

… or any curls in that matter.

A few months ago I treated myself with Dyson Airwrap (I am working on an in-depth review). As you probably know, some people struggle to make their airwrap curls last and at the start, I was one of them. After a few months, I have learnt how to treat my hair and discovered a few products that help the curls last the whole day.

1) Dream Coat from Color Wow

Surprisingly enough, probably the biggest game-changer was not an ultra-strong hairspray but rather a spray that is commonly used for hair straightening. The dream coat works as a heat protection spray that keeps the hair shiny and smooth. Most importantly, it protects hair from humidity and I think this made the biggest difference for styling my hair. Edinburgh is located at the seaside and therefore the humidity is always high (not mentioning it is always about to rain. Always). Dream coat from Color Wow protects the hair from the effect of the humidity and holds my curls without any issues.

2) Tangle Teezer

Tangle teezer brush is a must-have regardless of what styling tools are you using. It detangles your hair without pulling them out. 

3) Olaplex Bonding Oil

I have mentioned this oil several times because I absolutely adore it. Two drops and my hair is shiny and nourished without leaving it heavy and greasy. Moreover, it also works as a heat protectant. Olaplex is one of my favourite hair care brands and this oil is 100% worth the money. 

4) L'oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Mousse

I have never used a mousse before this one but the same as every product in the Tecni Art collection - amazing! It holds my hair in any shape and condition. If mousse is not your game, any other product from this collection will do. 

5) Yves Rocher Raspberry Vinegar

This is my holy grail for shiny hair. It’s a strange one. It does not offer a miraculous effect after the first use but it works great in a long run. And again, I know there are products that will work more effectively, however, this one does not add extra weight to my hair. It is easy to use - just cover your hair in it after washing your hair and rinse off after one minute. And since it smells absolutely delicious I am just going to say please do not drink it lol. 

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  1. Neskúšala som, myslím, žiadny z týchto produktov. Super tipy!