Celebrating the Amazing Men in My Life

AD - mentioned products were gifted to me for a review

June is a month packed with celebrations for the amazing men in my life – it's my husband’s birthday, Father’s Day, and my dad’s name day (for those not familiar, a name day is a tradition where each name has an associated date, and people with that name are celebrated). And this year, to top it all off, my little brother graduated in June too! So, naturally, I find myself brainstorming gift ideas for men every June.

This year, I stumbled upon the perfect gift for all the important men in your life. Well, it depends on how lighthearted your relationship is with them haha. The Calm Balls set from Angry Beards is an ideal collection of goodies that every man will appreciate. It includes Balls lubricant called Antistick (the name says it all), Antisweat cream, and the best pouch I've ever seen. It’s funny, it’s on theme, and it’s the perfect size. I’d be lying if I said the pouch wasn’t the main reason this set caught my eye.

Obviously, I can’t speak from personal experience, but all the important men in my life swear by Angry Beards and their products. It’s pretty cool to see a brand that caters to men’s needs, even if it’s somewhat of a taboo topic for some reason. 

Despite being geared toward a male audience, I appreciate their product called Antirub. It’s a godsend for anyone dealing with thigh chafing in this incredible heat. 

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