AD - Gifted by Notino. 

After nearly seven long years, I have decided to say goodbye to my old curling wand. It's been with me through some very rough times starting with the first year at uni up until now. I have bought it when I was still a teenager. I must say I am impressed that it survived for so long and that it is still functional. However, although I loved it deeply, it is time to move on and get myself a curling iron that is more gentle to my hair. 

After long consideration and repeatedly asking myself the same question - do I even need a new curling iron? - I have picked a curling iron Glam and Shine curler from Philips. The curling iron features 13-25mm conical barrel without a clamp. The conical barrel is my favourite - the curls are looser closer to the head compared to the ends of the hair. It creates a nice and natural transition. It is also incredibly light.

The barrel is 160 mm long which is apparently longer than usual and therefore it is suitable even for long and thick hair. The cord is 1.8m long and although it seems like a decent length, I would appreciate even longer one.

You can set the curling iron to nine different temperature settings ranging from 130 degrees to 210 degrees Celsius. The barrel is heated up in 45 seconds (I timed it) and once everything is set up, it will automatically lock itself so you do not accidentally change the temperature while styling your hair. 

Last but not least, here comes my favourite feature. I am very aware that this is very likely very usual for nowaday's hair stylers but as I have mentioned, up until now, I knew only the 2014 technology and nothing else haha. This curling iron possesses a feature called Curl Ready indicator. It works as a timer that you start by pressing a button once your hair is curled onto the barrel. When the time is up, the curling iron will beep to let you know you can release the hair. This is to prevent overheating your hair. And let me tell you this it the feature you did not know you cannot live without until you try. 

As you can probably tell, I am very happy with this curling iron- and I am finally ready to say goodbye to my old one. I think the value is good and Philips is a great and reliable brand so I am hoping this is my new buddy for the next seven years too. 

Let's finish it here but before I go, here is a quick self-explanatory tutorial aka how do I curl my hair. I find the two-ponytail-method quicker with a more natural outcome. Whether you will try my method or not, please remember to use a heat protection care for your hair. Kerastase or Color Wow are currently my top products but we will discuss this further at some other time. 

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