Rowenta: Premium Care Brush Activ Volume and Shine

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Going to see a hairdresser for a nice and lovely blow-dry is really not an option at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic. That's why hair dryer brushes received so much attention recently. It literally took all over social media. The results always looked fantastic, so I wanted to try this home-made-blow-dry-made-easy trend for myself. There are many options to chose from and I picked the Premium Care Brush Activ Volume and Shine brush from Rowenta that promises salon-blow dry result with shine and care. 


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I am little ashamed that I did not try the Stay Stay Matte Ink lipsticks from Maybelline earlier.  Although I am a massive fan of any lip makeup that does stay on for the whole day, I never really felt like giving these a go. At this point, I have no idea why because these would make my former student/bar life much easier. 


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After nearly seven long years, I have decided to say goodbye to my old curling wand. It's been with me through some very rough times starting with the first year at uni up until now. I have bought it when I was still a teenager. I must say I am impressed that it survived for so long and that it is still functional. However, although I loved it deeply, it is time to move on and get myself a curling iron that is more gentle to my hair. 


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Happy new year! After a considerably long and well-deserved break, I am back on track with my beauty journey. I have so many plans for this year and I am excited about all the great opportunities this year will hopefully offer. Before we move onto the new arrivals from 2021, I would like to share my thoughts about Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser from Elemis I was gifted a while ago. 

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

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Welcome to the last pre-christmas post. Once again I have a small gift idea this time for him. Let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to find a present for any important man in our lives so I keep buying them fragrances. Not because they would be smelly or something of course but a fragrance is quite easy way to say “i care” since pocking the right aftershave can take a good amount of time. 

Gift Guide: Gifts under £15

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Christmas is just behind the corner. It is a strange one for sure but hopefully little more special. As much as I hate the situation, I think people managed to slow down for once and hopefully will make the most of the Christmas this year.
For those of you who are not done with the Christmas shopping just yet, I have put together a small affordable gift guide. 


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Have you heard of Elemis? I am sure most of you have. Elemis is a very popular British skincare brand founded more than 30 years ago in London. Elemis is a part of many spas and wellness centres - this is how I heard of it for the first time. Ages ago I had a fantastic facial and the beautician was using Elemis products. I have not tried many of their products since but it was always on the back of my mind.