L'oreal Paris - Panorama Mascara (Review)

AD - The product mentioned was gifted to me for a review. 

In the world of lip oils, glosses and tints, I did not expect to see any new mascaras from L'oreal Paris on the market anytime soon but to my surprise one of the L'oreal's big launches this year is another mascara (possibly as a recovery from the infamous mascara-gate lol). The mascara carries a majestic name - Volume Million Lashes Panorama promising a volume of million lashes. It comes in two colours, black and brown and I picked both to test as I like to have both colours handy. 

The Panorama mascara has a silicone wand with short and quite sharp bristles. I usually like this type of applicator the best but the bristles are a bit too harsh so the application is not very comfortable. My eyes are not irritated during the application but I can feel the bristles being a bit scratchy if that makes sense (keep in mind I wear contacts so my eyes are quite sensitive). That goes for both mascaras. Once applied, this mascara becomes the most comfortable eye product ever but more on that later.  

Both colours are quite dry which means there is less mess when applying - less smudges but I think we can assume the mascaras will dry quicker. On the other hand, at least we are forced to stick to an expiry date (I am 'as long as it does not smell bad' kind of gal but I am very strict when it comes to mascaras as my eyes are fairly sensitive).

Overall effect is subtle. To get any decent volume, I need to apply several layers which is fine because I feel like the dry formula and layering helps to prevent clumping of the lashes (yay!). I think the mascara goes well with the current trend of less intense looking lashes. 

As I already said, neither of the mascaras smudges and it sits comfortably the whole day. I have not cried in it yet (perhaps because I do not wear makeup when working most of the days lol) but the mascara is very much sweat resistant and lasts a whole day without any issues.

As much as the effect is nothing out of the ordinary, this mascara is extremely comfortable to wear. Most drugstore and even high-end mascaras start annoying my eyes after a few hours but this is not the case here and I really appreciate it. This aspect is more important to me than the overall effect and I would always pick more subtle mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes over a mascara that makes me look like I have thick falsies on but makes me cry dark pigmented tears. 

Overall, it's not bad mascara but it's nothing revolutionary especially compared to L'oreal Lash Paradise (here is a recommendation for you if you like to stay faithful to the same brand). If I ever get my hands on this mascara again, I will happily use it but my favourites still are the YSL’s Lash Clash and Maybelline’s Sky High or already mentioned Lash Paradise from L’oreal.

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