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Welcome to the year of NARS. 2023 has been the year of my re-discovery of this brand and I am wondering why did I not reach for their products more often. A while ago I tried the very popular concealer but it did not suit me too well so I guess I kinda forgot about Nars altogether. Everything is different now and today I am going to share my thoughts on two beloved products of mine.

The Matte Power Lipstick

Once again, I got influenced by Tik Tok. For about a month, the Powermatte lipstick was everywhere promising long-lasting wear. Needless to say, I got intrigued by the way it was presented as a smudge-proof. I could pick one of 14 shades and I picked the shade called Sweet Disposition. It is the perfect shade of pink, I think it suits me really well. It’s the perfect blend of nude and colour to fit well everyday wear as well as evening makeup looks. 

The lipstick is very pigmented, there are not that many lipsticks that gave me the same payout. It feels comfortable on the lips and it does not dry my lips despite offering a matte finish (please note this is my personal experience, I have seen some reviews complaining that the lipstick dried out their lips. This didn’t happen to me). 

It lasts well but it’s not a liquid lipstick (although this lipstick survives more than some liquid ones lol). You can drink and eat and kiss but it will need a top-up throughout the day. The lipstick still looks good with each top-up (which is not always the case when it comes to lipstick).

This quickly became one of my ultimate favourite lipsticks and I keep reaching out for it all the time. Ten out of ten. 

The Climax Mascara

I actually tried this mascara a few years ago. I got a small sample of it and I loved it. Back then I was a poor student so the full-size version was a little out of my budget (in all honesty, so was £1 soap but let’s not talk about that lol). Over the years I forgot about this mascara until I saw it online the other day and I had to revisit it.

The wand is quite large and fluffy which is usually my preference (apart from a few exemptions). The application was a bit messy before I got used to the shape of the applicator but I am all fine now. 

The bristles separate the lashes well and the Climax mascara gives my lashes loads of volume without any clumps while still somehow looking natural. This effect was the reason I initially fell in love with this mascara and I am glad I still feel the same.

I like it a lot. Is it my ultimate favourite? No. Would I come back to this mascara? Absolutely! 

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