MAC Cosmetics: Locked Kiss Ink and more

* AD - some products mentioned in this post were gifted to me for a review

As much as I was not really reaching out for makeup from Mac when I was younger, I am very fond of MAC Cosmetics now in my late 20s. Don’t get me wrong, you will not see me wearing their foundations anytime soon since they make me look orange, but some of their products are simply the best. I have recently tried a few items and here are my thoughts.

Tik Tok's favourite liquid lipstick

Yes, I got Tik Tokfluenced again. This time, I just had to have the popular Locked Kiss Ink Liquid Lipcolor in a shade 62 Bodacious. It was all over my FYP (for you page for those of you who are not familiar with Tik Tok lingo. And yes, it took me months to figure this one out) and I could not resist. I have not used liquid lipstick in a very long time since lip glosses and creamy lipsticks took over, so I was excited. 

The formula is lightweight and quite comfortable to wear. There is, however, a trade-off. The comfort usually suggests that the lipstick won’t stay on the lips for too long and this is exactly the case. It won’t survive much food and many drinks but on day to day basis, it stays on for a few hours. It makes my lips a bit wrinkled despite not drying them out (at least it does not feel kike it does). The wrinkles can be fixed by applying a clear lip gloss on top.

I like the lipstick’s colour but the formula is not my go-to at the moment. I am torn about whether to recommend this lipstick or not. I think loads of you would like it but if you are now reaching mainly for lip glosses, maybe give it a few months until after the summer as autumn and winter are usually the seasons we reach out for heavier makeup. 

Fix+ Stay Over Setting Spray

The iconic Fix+ setting spray from Mac is my go-to setting/fixing spray. It works miracles and it turns most short-lived makeup into products, that cover my face successfully for the whole day. I recently travelled a lot so I bought myself a travel size of the Stay Over version of the Fix+ Spray. It’s the newest arrival so I thought why not, it’s Mac, it will be good. Surely. Well, truth to be told, I feel like this member of the Fix+ family is not as good as the others. I feel like it does not do that much to the makeup I have on. It definitely does not make it last much longer so I was a bit disappointed. One thing I liked though is the spray nozzle. It produces a very fine mist and spreads the liquid evenly across my face. If the original Fix+ sprays started to be distributed in a bottle of the Stay Over version, it would be the best setting spray of all time. 

Fix+ Lavender Setting Spray

Since the newest arrival to the family of setting sprays did not pass, I went back to what I know works the best but this time I decided to try the Lavender Version of it hoping it will be exactly the same as the original with a much nicer scent. And that’s exactly what this product is. It works wonders. I have recently bought a foundation that lasts for about three hours and then it turns into a patchy mess if applied on its own. This setting spray turns it into an all-day-wear foundation. Exactly the same way as the original Fix+ spray does. And it smells fantastic if you are a fan of lavender.

Strobe Cream Primer

As a little bonus, I got a small sample of Strobe Cream with my order. I use it as a primer before I apply any makeup. It makes my skin nourished and glowy which complements any foundation. Not bad, I would even consider getting a full size. 

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