Lancome: Lash Idole Eyeliner Review

* AD - This product was gifted to me for a review

A while ago, I reviewed the now well-established mascara Lash Idole from Lancome. I remember I liked it a lot but since then I have found a better high-end option (namely Lash Clash from YSL). The Idole family has been recently expanded and the eyeliners from this collection entered the scene. I am on a hunt for a decent brown eyeliner and since I had a positive experience trying the Lash Idole mascara, I decided to try the Lash Idole Ultra Precise Waterproof Liner in 02 Matte Syrup Brown. 

The packaging is gorgeous. I am rarely paying attention to the packaging of eyeliner but the Lancome Idole collection is something else. The combination of rose gold and brown with black is so elegant and it makes the product look very expensive. 

The eyeliner is well-pigmented for a brown pen. The colour is lighter brown, unlike many other brown eyeliners that are nearly black. The tip is not as precise as I would like it to be but it still swipes across the lid easily. 

It is sweatproof and it stays on the whole day but I would not say it is waterproof. I am not too mad about it though, if it can stay on the whole day without smudging, I can get past the fact that it will not survive any underwater activities (since there are so many lol). Any standard makeup remover can remove this eyeliner without any issues.

It is difficult to find good brown eyeliner. I think we achieved a good standard for the black eyeliners but the brown ones are not quite there yet. This eyeliner is definitely one of the best brown eyeliners I have tried, however, seeing how good the black eyeliners are, I believe there is room for improvement on the front of longevity. I had this eyeliner for about three weeks and I can feel it drying out. For any reason, this is a common denominator for all of the brown liners I had tried. I think it will give me another week or two but do not expect it to last for months. So far, this is the longest a brown eyeliner lasted me so that's a win. Don’t get me wrong, I this is one of the best brown eyeliners I have ever had, I just want to make you aware that the bar for brown eyeliners is not as as high compared to black ones. 

I would really like to try the Lash Idole Liner in black colour. I read many reviews of the black version and it seems amazing. If ever get to it, I will report back. 

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