New in: First purchases of 2023

*Ad - Some products mentioned in this post were gifted

Welcome to 2023! The year went by so quickly and I feel like it was just yesterday when I was celebrating my entry into 2022. I have taken a long and I feel like a well-deserved break from everything including blogging…. But not from shopping lol. This post is, therefore, a short overview of what did I get in the past few weeks: beauty edition. 

Gua Sha from Korika

Once in a while, the skincare community becomes obsessed with an unusual tool that everyone adores. Then the hype dies and that’s when I nonchalantly swoop in and try it too acting like I am not about a hundred years too late. At the start of December, I picked Jade Gua Sha from Korika to see what is the whole thing about and if it can truly snatch my face as seen on social media. I am still trying this out and I will report the results on my Instagram soon. 

On top of it I also picked a set of blueberry sheet masks from Korika and I love them. They are nearly as nice as the Strawberry masks from Mizon leaving the skin soft and smooth. 

Brown Eyeliner from Gabriella Salvete x PLH

I would be surprised if you knew the brand Gabriella Salvete at all. I have mentioned it here before but you cannot find it in the majority of British stores. The brand is originally from the Czech Republic and they have released a new collection in collaboration with Czech beauty guru PetraLovelyHair. I read many good reviews about the eyeliner from this collection so I gave it a go when visiting my parents in the Czech Republic. It is one of the best drugstore eyeliners I have ever tried. The brown colour is well-pigmented and the tip is very precise. And it stays on the whole day. It outperforms some of the high-end eyeliners. In the UK, you can buy it from

Cream Blush from Catrice

Thinking about it, Catrice is probably my favourite drugstore brand. They have a huge variety of products, follow the trends and provide decent quality at low cost. One of their newest arrivals is the cream blush from their Christmas collection. It costs around £5 only and it gives my cheek the perfect blend of cooler-toned blush. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a cream blush on a budget. 

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