How to: Heatless Curls

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Any beauty enthusiast has probably seen a trend of heatless curls on social media. I have been avoiding it for a while as I do not have a time for anything that could make my Airwrap redundant and on a budget (lol pls dont). However, I am intrigued and although I am not planning to sell my beloved Dyson anytime soon, I did get myself the heatless hair curling set from BrushArt to see what is the fuss about. 

The set contains a long pink thingy (I am not sure how is it called even in my native language so english is out of questions lol), two scrunchies and a hair clip. 

The process is easy. Wash your hair and blow dry until the hair is about 90% dry. There are videos and tutorials saying you do not need to dry the hair at all and just wrap the hair up for the night. I strongly disagree. First of all, it is unlikely the hair will dry fully on its own overnight in the UK (it’s just damp here) which will lead to the curls not lasting. Secondly, letting the hair dry naturally will lead to hair being frizzy and dry. So as I said, dry the hair up until 90% dry. 

Then clip the pink cord thingy in the middle of the head and wind the sectons of the hair around it. At the each end, secure with the scrunchy. Leave it for a few hours (ideally overnight). 

Then take everything off and brush the hair carefully. The curls should last the whole day. You won’t likeky achieve the same volume as Dyson but my conclusion is that this is a great and affordable alternative to the airwrap function of the Dyson Hair dryer. 

We are slowly leaving Christmas behind so if you got a gift voucher from Santa, you can treat yourself to a heatless curl set as well.

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