Lips: 2022 edition

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Last year was unusual when it comes to makeup. There was a huge shift in the makeup trends that have been ongoing for a few years now but 2022 was definitely the year that “sealed the deal”. We said goodbye to anything matte and powdery, starting with foundations and finishing with lipsticks. Lip products are the topic of today’s post as lips were a big focus of the season even more than when Kylie filled in her lips with her iconic lip kit (and filler lol). We saw many interesting products and I picked a few of them for review.

This is Milky Gloss from Nyx

I expected a return of shiny lipstick. I did not expect lip glosses would ever come back in any significant way. Boy, was I mistaken. The lip glosses really got resurrected last year and although I wasn’t sure about the glosses initially, now they are my go-to combined with a lip liner.

NYX started fading from my brain as they had no interesting releases in the past couple of years but they caught the wind again with the arrival of the lip gloss era. The This is Milky Gloss took social media by storm. Rightfully so. It’s so comfy on the lips and for a gloss, it lasts a good amount of time. I got the shade Ube Milkshake and I am seriously considering getting some more. 

Essence Holo Lip gloss

Two words: Sold out. Essence’s Juicy bomb lip glosses got viral and it was impossible to get them anywhere. Whenever they got restocked, they disappeared within hours. No wonder! The quality is great, it overshadows many high-end glosses and the price is about £1. 

Following the great success, Essence released another version of this gloss called Holo. It comes in the same squeezy tube and the colour is blue. I know, I know. It scared me too but don’t worry. It looks blue only inside. Once applied to the lips, it creates the crispy look of the lips. The blue creates a colder tone so if you are like me and cooler tones suit you, try to get your hands on this gloss. You won’t regret it.

L’oreal Balm-to-Lipstick

Another semi-viral lip product came from L’oreal. It’s a hybrid between lip balm and lipstick so it hydrates and nourishes your lips well as well as tints them. 

It does not last too long but it is comfy to wear even without any other makeup, it looks natural and makes lips shiny. I picked the shade Nude Heaven.

SuperStay Vinyl Ink from Maybelline

Do you remember the iconic SuperStay Matte Ink lipsticks? Maybelline released a glossy version of this long-lasting lipstick and it’s superb. It lasts ages and dries the lips a bit less than the matte version. 

I became more of a creamy lipstick kind of gal but I still like this lipstick. I think it needs refreshing a lot with a gloss to keep the shiny effect but the colour stays on the lips for hours. I picked the shade Witty. 

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