My current haircare routine

*AD - Some products mentioned in this post were gifted

We have not talked about haircare in a while. At least not when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. My hair routine was fairly consistent for nearly two years but in the past few months, I have swapped most of the products as I felt my hair needed change. Not even to mention that there was a pressing matter of a very unsuccessful hair appointment that left my hair orange and patchy. 

To fix the yellow tones in my hair, I was using purple shampoo religiously. I have a go-to brand but since the purple shampoo was sold out for a few weeks, I had to try something else. A significant number of my followers recommended a brand called Milk Shake to me and I finally committed to giving the shampoo a go. I picked the Silver Shine light shampoo for grey hair and blond hair. 

I am so glad I gave this shampoo from Milk Shake a chance because I love it. Colour-wise, it works better than any other purple shampoo I had but it does not stain my walls or hands. It does not dry my hair out, it really is light and it smells like bubblegum. 

Another shampoo I am using is the Volume Shampoo from Moroccanoil. I use two shampoos mainly because purple shampoos are not as great at washing and should not be used each time you wash your hair. 

In the past few months, I have replaced my Olaplex routine with Moroccanoil and I think it suits my hair better at the moment. The volumising shampoo is amazing. It leaves my hair shiny and it does not add any extra weight so it is Dyson-friendly (meaning the hair isn’t heave so the Dyson blow dry holds well). 

As already mentioned, I have replaced all Olaplex products for the time being including my ultimate favourite conditioner. It felt like it is time to take a break for something lighter. I am currently using the hydrating conditioner also from Moroccanoil. Earlier this year, I went to Prague and forgot my conditioner, so I had to buy something without thinking about it much. I expected a disaster given there was no thought put into the purchase but it turned out the best t could. The conditioner is great for dry hair that is not damaged too badly. Once again, it is light and smells divine. 

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