Nuxe: Prodigieux Le Parfum

AD - the product was gifted to me for a review

As my yet another trip to France slowly approaches, me and my friend are obsessively researching what to eat, what to see and most importantly, what to buy. Many “how-to France” guides (well, reels) rave about this super secret french scent which actually turned out to be Nuxe Prodigieux. I instantly remembered reviewing the shimmer oil from this collection and recalled how divine it smells. Therefore, today we are going to be looking at the actual perfume from this collection because I missed this scent way too much. 

You know what I am going to say about the bottle. It’s simple and practical and I love it. It comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml glass flasks. I got the 50ml one. 

The perfume smells exactly the same as the oil, perhaps slightly more intense. It lasts the whole day, the same as the original oil. It offers warm vanilla notes together with orange blossom. I can also smell a touch of coconut. 

The fragrance is often described as a summer scent and although I agree this perfume is the best fitting for warm summer evenings, I think it can easily be used all year long. But I suppose it really depends on personal preference. I see myself using it around Christmas time because of the vanilla hints. 

Overall, I like it, which is no surprise considering I knew what the scent is like. I am pleasantly surprised by how long it lasts, at least for me. I can only recommend this to those who like the Nuxe Oil smell but aren’t fans of oils (such as myself). 

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