Rimmel: Kind + Free foundation

* AD - product was gifted to me for a review

It's been a good while since I tried anything from Rimmel. It used to be my go-to brand when I was a teenager, but I grew out of it. The recent Kind and Free collection, however, caught my eye. I have read loads of positive reviews of the foundation so I wanted to see it for myself. 

The foundation is actually supposed to be a tinted moisturiser. I disagree with this statement because this product is too thick and too pigmented to pass as a tinted moisturiser. That's not necessarily a bad thing but I am throwing this here to avoid any disappointment or confusion. It comes in a 30ml plastic tube and you can pick from 10 shades. 

It's not long since I have been recommending Estee Lauder's Hydra Rescue foundation, which I am absolutely in love with. The Rimmel Kind and Free foundation is, in my opinion, a drugstore version of the EL foundation. The foundation is hydrating because it is infused with vitamin E and aloe vera. It feels light on the skin. It has a semi-dewy finish that, unfortunately, disappears through the day so its hydration abilities are not as powerful as one may hope for. However, it is nothing good hydrating primer would not fix. 

It offers a medium buildable coverage (meaning it is medium but you can layer to cover whatever is needed without looking cakey). It lasts a whole day with setting spray. When setting spray is not in use, the lifespan of the foundation is about 4-5 hours which is standard for drugstore makeup. 

Overall, I like it. I am not going to lie, I am forever a foundation snob so I will pick the Estee Lauder Hydra Rescue over this one (mainly because it lasts longer without the setting spray) but if you are looking for more friendly-budget option, the Rimmel Kind + Free foundation will definitely do just fine. 

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