Summer 2022: The Age of tinted moisturisers

AD - Some products mentioned were gifted by Notino

I have said it many times - foundations are my favourite product to review. Following the current makeup trends, you probably know we ditched all heavy full coverage foundations and moved on to tinted moisturisers. I personally fell in love with them only after I managed to get some tan. Before then, I just needed some coverage (tell me you are too pale without actually telling me you are too pale). 

Notino Black Friday

The first tinted moisturiser we will look at is a viral tinted Anthelios Mineral One SPF50+ cream from La Roche-Posay which I picked as it was a part of the Summer Black Friday promo. I got the shade Medium to match my slightly tanned skin and it works out well. However, I think the shade is not a big deal when it comes to tinted moisturisers as the pigment is minimal. The cream evens out the skin and makes it look healthy and juicy. It feels light on the skin and it looks natural, yet it looks great as a base for full face makeup. 

The cream is quite thick. At first, it rubs in (I apply using my fingers rather than a sponge and brush) quite easily but then it gets weirdly thick. It is nothing that would put me off this La Roche-Posay moisturiser because overall it is great and it lasts but it surprised me at first. I am also not sure, how well it does on oily skin as it is well moisturising but it suits my dry-ish/normal skin perfectly. 

If you are looking for something cheaper, I can only recommend tinted cream Hydro Hero from Essence which is a super affordable brand that offers so many gems. This tinted cream is one of them. I bought this in one of the local drug stores in Croatia but you can buy it from Notino in the UK. 

The cream comes in a 30ml bottle (the same as the LRP cream). It is very runny compared to the LRP cream and disappears into the skin within seconds. Once it absorbs, it feels like you have nothing on your face apart from the fact your tone is even. It keeps the skin looking fresh for a while but unlike the Anthelios cream, this effect does not last the whole day as this cream dries out eventually. 

It offers only SPF15 but I use SPF cream prior as a part of my morning routine anyway, so that does not bother me. For the price, you cannot get wrong with this one. I loved wearing this tint to the beach when I did not feel like doing my makeup but I also wanted a photo for Instagram lol. 

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