Holiday Essentials

 AD - some products were gifted for review

Hello from sunny Croatia. I am currently having a great time off in holidays full of sun, sea water and watermelon. Today, I would like to share with you some beauty essentials I am eternally grateful I brought with me (perhaps a small tip for you what you should pack on your summer trip). 

SPF 50

I use SPF50 on my face religiously regardless of the location and the weather but here in 30 degrees celcius Croatia I truly understand the importance of such a powerful sunscreen. I always burn my nose. Always. However, this time, I burnt everything but my face lol. I use the previusly mentioned Daily Go-to Sunscreen from Purito, however, I have couple of SPFs from Garnier with me as a back up too (Garnier is great and affordable).

Waterproof mascara

Although I don’t use any makeup when going to the sea for swim, waterproof mascara is a must have for summer holidays mainly because of the sweat. It’s warm here and standard mascara will smudge. I love the Sky High from Maybelline so I picked its waterproof sister. The waterproof version is moreless the same as the standard version so I am happy enough. 

Moroccanoil Treatment

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed the disaster or my hairdresser appointment. Ever since my hair is not great - the colour is horrible and the quality went significantly lower from the bleach damage. However, the sun and sea water are making some improvements with the only downside being my hair getting overly dry. I am using a Moroccanoil hair oil to reverse this and it seems to work pretty well. 

Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss

Recently, I have been enjoying lip glosses more than lipsticks (I would never think I will ever say that lol). Silly me, I did not bring any with me so I had to stop in a local shop and pick something up. I grabbed the cheapest option out there not thinking much of it but it turns out it is one of the best lip glosses ever. It’s from Essence and it is available at Notino in the UK. It makes the lips pop, it tastes great and it is super affordable!


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