It seems like we have completely moved away from full coverage matte foundations. In the past year, everyone has been more and more focused on the natural side of makeup and therefore there is a big influx of tinted creams, BB creams and serum foundations that offer just a light coverage. 

I have tried several of these products. I quite liked the L’oreal’s True Match Serum Foundation although I think the bottle won’t last long considering the amount of product that needs to be used for single use. I also tried the same type of product from Max Factor, the Miracle Foundation which did not work for me. It did not stick well to my skin creating a weird sheer mask. It may work on the others but not on me unfortunately. However, last year I have discovered a product, that achieved whatever these new tinted serums tried to achieve even before it was popular. Yes, I am talking about the Sport BB Cream SPF50 from Shiseido

The BB cream comes in a grey 50mL bottle with neon writing on it. The cream is very runny, unlike most BB creams I have tried. It’s closer to a tinted serum or toner than it is to cream to be honest. It gets instantly absorbed by the skin leaving it evened out a lightly tinted (needless to say I decided to get a darker shade for fake tan days). It creates the illusion of perfect no-makeup skin. Thanks to the non-sticky formula, the makeup look looks fresh even after a busy and sweaty day (hence the Sport in the name). 

Moreover, it offers SPF 50. I would still recommend using a separate SPF as a part of your routine because you would need to use a huge amount of the BB cream to achieve SPF50 but it is good to have the foundation providing an extra layer of protection. 

It comes in 5 shades which is not many but since the cream offers very light coverage and adjusts to a skin tone, it is perfectly fine and I am confident you will find your match. 

I love how it looks on my face. My skin absorbs this BB cream with such ease creating the illusion that this is my skin without any makeup on. If you are looking for something lighter in line with the current clean look trends, I would 100 per cent recommend Shiseido's Sun Care Sports BB cream

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