Lancome: L'Absolu Mademoiselle Shine - Review

AD - Gifted for a review

Spring has finally arrived… hopefully (well it’s raining in Edinburgh at all times this week but at least the days are longer). Not only it is getting warmer which means the dress season is upon us, but my Paris trip also is literally just behind the corner and to celebrate this occasion, I will review a stunning lipstick from Lancome, a luxury brand originating in France. 

The L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine in a shade 368 Mademoiselle Smiles is the newest member of my lipstick collection family. The shade is gorgeous. The dark pink catches everyone’s eye but it is less aggressive than red shades. 

The lipstick offer cream and a glossy finish. It has a consistency of a lip balm but the pigment is as rich as in lipstick. The lipstick is nourishing and hydrating and it sits nicely on the lips. For a creamy lipstick, it lasts for a long time but it needs to be topped up after a drink or a bite. 

This lipstick collection is around for a while now, since 2019 if I am not mistaken, however, I think due to the popularity of the matte makeup, it was not given the recognition this lipstick definitely deserves. However, I believe the time of glory for L’absolu Mademoiselle Shine is just behind the corner. I think this lipstick aligns well with the glowy trends of this season

This lipstick is available in 23 shades ranging from nude to pink. I love the shade I picked as I usually wear a pink lipstick of a similar shade around this time of the year and I will consider buying myself a nude shade as well. I am yet to fully appreciate the charm of glosses so this balmy lipstick seems like a perfect compromise to me. However, keep in mind, that this lipstick is nothing for ultra-matte long-lasting formula lovers. 

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