Bobbi Brown: Pink Glow Liquid Higlighter

 AD - Gifted 

No need to mention I am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown. I love her makeup, skincare, and brushes… there is not a product I have tried that I do not like. 

A while ago, Bobbi Brown released a new collection called Glowing Pink. It features an eyeshadow palette, highlighting powder, face liquid highlighter and a lip tint. All products come in lovely purple-pink packaging. For today’s review, I picked the face liquid highlighter. 

The packaging is gorgeous! The purple and gold colours aside, the bottle is made of tint rather than plastic. This gives the product a more expensive feel. This is not surprising, Bobbi Brown’s products tend to come in good quality packaging in general. 

The formula of this highlighter is very light and blendable. It works as a base or as a highlighter on top of the makeup. I have to admit I was expecting more prominent glow considering how shiny the powder higlighters from Bobbi Brown are but this one is the way more subtle. It creates very natural glow, it’s actually perfect on a skin without any foundation or on top of tinted moisturiser. 

It sits well on a skin compared to some other liquid highlighters I own so I have been using this religiously in the past two weeks. However, I am a fan of shine so I top up the shine on my cheeks using the Glowing Pink powder highlighter also from Bobbi Brown. 

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