Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium Intense

AD - Gifted

There are a few perfumes, that are consistently reappearing in my fragrance collection. One of them is Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium. It was one of my first high-end perfumes and I still love it despite its season of fame being probably long gone. I remember half of the women on the streets smelled like that and I could pick it up easily since the scent is quite strong and unique. 

Due to Black Opium’s success, Yves Saint Laurent came up with many different takes on Black Opium, The most recent one being the Black Opium Illicit Green. As much as I wanted to try the new fragrance, I had my eye on the Black Opium Intense for a while (pretty much since I got a sample ages ago). 

The name and composition suggest the fragrance is a stronger version of the original Black Opium and it is true. Initially, I thought the Intense version is more refreshing but as I am comparing them side by side, I agree the intense version is more intense. I think they both smell exactly the same at the start but later the original develops into a more floral and lighter scent while the intense one stays as deep as it was at the start. It seems to be more mature and mysterious - perhaps a combination of Good Girl from Carolina Herrera and Original Black opium.

I like Black Opium Intense a lot. It is very similar to the original one but It offers a nice twist that makes the scent more unique and fun. It is a great option for us who have been wearing Black Opium for years and now are getting bored of the same fragrance. It lasts as well as the original (basically until you shower). 

I would like to thank Notino for gifting me this perfume but more importantly, I am so happy Notino decided to support Ukraine in this difficult time. If you want to Help Ukraine, please check out the link and read more about how can donate some money via shopping and check out how is Notino supporting Ukraine. 

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