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Despite 2021 being one of the darker years, the makeup launches were actually pretty great last year. Sigma beauty released a golden hour inspired collection called the Ambiance collection. The collection contains an eyeshadow palette, highlighting palette, set of makeup brushes and lip glosses. 

Ambiance Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging of the Ambiance Eyeshadow palette is stunning. The layout is similar to one of ABH palettes (minus the horrible suede fabric on the cover). There are 14 shades, 7 matte and 7 somewhat shimmer. The colours are quite repetitive and we have definitely seen them all in other palettes. However, I am impressed with the quality. They are well pigmented and they blend quick and easy. Some of the shimmers can disappear after a couple of hours but this can be easily fixed by a setting spray. 

The palette comes with a dual brush. I will talk about it later in this post but this brush is as good as brushes bought individually.

Glowkissed Highlighting palette 

So much for “no more highlighters” (I am obsessed with highlighters so my collection is rather unnecessarily large lol). The palette contains six shades ranging from light to deep. My skin tone is very light but I like all of the highlighter colours even the deeper ones on my skin. I think each shade is soft enough to adjust to any skin tone which makes the whole palette suitable for everyone. 

I have had a different Sigma highlighter palette before and although I liked it, looking back, it was definitely not my favourite. That’s probably why I did not have high hopes for this palette but it turned out really well. The shades are metallic, intense and smooth. 

Radiant Glow Brush set

I know the eyeshadow palette is the star of this collection but I believe the Radiant Glow Brush Set is the real hero! The whole set comes in the most beautiful makeup bag. Although it is just a bag added to the collection (hence one would expect a poor quality), it feels robust and quite expensive. The same goes for the brushes. The set contains a flat brush, contour/bronzer brush, highlighter blush and two eyeshadow brushes. 

Each of the brushes is very soft and works well with any product (I tried each of them with powder and cream or liquid product). I really like the flat brush which I use to apply a foundation. It seems to easily reach every bit of my face. The highlighter brush is also fantastic, it creates a very intense glow due to being thick and precise. The white eyeshadow brush is a bit of a letdown. It’s not very good for applying the shadows or blending them. The other one (and the one from the palette) is so much better. 


The ambience collection offers two lip products both of them being lip glosses in shades Brillance (the lighter one) and Idyllic (the darker one). They look juicy on lips and they don't feel sticky. 

I wish I could truly appreciate a good lip gloss but I am more of a matte lipstick kind of gal so these are not for me. However reading loads of different reviews, these seem like a good choice for lip gloss lovers. 

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