Garnier: New Arrivals

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There is no doubt that Garnier upped their game tremendously in the past few years and it seems like Garnier entered 2022 with upcoming viral products in making. I am talking about their recent release of many skincare products that are receiving loads of coverage and hype recently. 

I could not resist and got myself the Vitamin C serum, Hyaluronic Aloe Serum and set of Hyaluronic Aloe Serum sheet masks. I don't think any of these has been around for long but I have already seen so many reviews of each of these, especially then the Vitamin C serum which makes me think this may be a big year for Garnier. 

Both serums come in glass 30 mL serums with a pipette (a wee reminder - please do not let the pipette touch your face when applying - no contact, no contamination). 

The Vitamin C serum contains 3.5% derivate of Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Salicylic acid. Each of these ingredients are helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots and boost glow. According to the box, the serum comes in, you can expect results in 6 days. I would say that is probably overly optimistic. You may see some immediate effects but you will need at least two to three weeks to see any long term effects so be patient. 

The serum is slightly thicker than what I expected but it gets absorbed really well. As I mentioned, I can see my skin glow up as soon as I apply the serum but I am yet to provide an in-depth review. It does not feel sticky and the only downside I can see right now is the fragrance. This serum has loads of fragrance ingredients and the scent is strong for a serum. I do not mind too much but it could be an issue for some of you. 

The Hyaluronic Aloe Serum contains 3% hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and glycerin - ingredients perfect for dehydrated and dry skin. I am a huge fan of hyaluronic acid in skincare and I have tried so many HA-based serums, so I am looking forward to fully reviewing this one. 

So far, it's very similar to the Vitamin C serum. It's fairly thick so I was worried it could get sticky unless my face is soaked in water but it is actually not the case. It absorbs well and it does not leave a layer on my face even when I am not being good and apply to dry skin. Although I was more excited about the Vit C serum, I think I will like this one more. It still contains a fragrance but guessing by the ingredient lists, there is not very much of it (last on the list meaning low concentration) and I cannot even smell it. 

Last but not least, there is a set of Hyaluronic Aloe Sheet masks. I am expecting the masks to be very similar to the HA serum, however, I noticed slight differences in the ingredients list so I am looking forward to comparing these to each other. Nevertheless, Garnier is a pro when it comes to sheet masks so I am having high hopes for these masks too.

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