New Years Eve: Enter the 2022 with confidence

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Can you believe we are just at the end of 2021? What a year. A strange one for sure. This year was a difficult one for many reasons. We had to go through months of lockdown, uncertainty and fear. At the same time, we started looking at our lives from a different perspective and learnt to appreciate small things in our lives. 2021 brought loads of good things for me too but I am more than ready to enter the year 2022 with many hopes and expectations. 

New Year’s eve is in only a few days and yet I don’t have any plans. Needless to say, I am not a party girl so I am not hunting everyone down to organise a massive celebration. Wherever I end up for New Year's tho, I know what perfume I will be wearing for sure - Good Girl from Carolina Herrera

I have seen this perfume everywhere lately and although I am not a huge fan of eccentric designs, the heel shoe shaped perfume bottle is gorgeous. Not the most practical thing in the world but as a beauty blogger I can truly appreciate how photogenic this bottle is. 

It comes in three sizes - 30ml, 50ml and 80ml. The scent is very similar to previously reviewed Voce viva at the start despite having a very different composition. In a few minutes, the Good Girl develops into a warmer and mature scent. Then I would say it belongs to the same category as Black Opium from YSL. It isn’t as strong but Good Girl is spicy and sweet in a very similar way which proven to be very popular. 

Top Notes: Almonds

Middle Notes: Jasmin Sambac, Tuberose

Base Notes: Tonka Beans, Cocoa

Overall, I like it. It is a confident women's perfume for sure, it puts me into 'I can do it' mood.  It stays on for a long, I can smell it from my clothes the next day. It smells lovely and I can tell there is a reason this perfume is so popular. Despite having a spicy touch, the scent is suitable for any age group due to its sweet floral nature. What a discovery. 

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