Bath and Body Works: Room Sprays

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You probably know by now that since I became a homeowner, I became a huge candle, diffuser, wax melt enthusiast and a fan of home fragrance in general. There is one area I did not explore much yet and that is room sprays. Up until now, my understanding of room sprays reached as far as the generic ocean scented bathroom spray goes. But did you know there is a whole new world of actual nice smelling room sprays out there? 

I picked two from Bath and BodyWorks. I love their candles so I thought this brand may offer me a good start to this brand-new world of home fragrances. I picked Spiced Apple Toddy and Sun-Drenched Linen - one sweet and warm and the other fresh and cosy. 

Both sprays come in 45.2g spray bottles (do not ask me why a spray is measured in grams rather than millilitres). The direction of use says to spray two quick bursts for a long-lasting fragrance. Do not think, that you should spray more than twice if your room is huge. I tried to spray couple of times more than recommended and the fragrance was the way too strong - two bursts are enough which means the fragrance is well concentrated and one small bottle will do you for a while. The fragrance stays in the room for several hours and this applies to both scents I have picked. 

When it comes to the Sun-Drenched Linen, I am not sure about this one. I still cannot decide whether this is too close to the ocean/cotton scent I have been referring to above in relation to the bathroom. I do like the freshness, and I occasionally use it in my office. Sometimes, it smells like I have just done all my washing and sometimes it just reminds me of a toilet break. As I said, I am unsure. Either way, I am open to trying more room scents from Bath and Body Works. They work out cheaper and probably last longer. 

I absolutely love the Spiced Apple Toddy scent. It is a Christmas scent, but I personally like similar scents all year long. It smells like a sweet apple cider, and it is ideal to bring a cosy warm atmosphere to your Livingroom.

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