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Christmas is just behind the corner (and let's hope this year we will be able to fully enjoy it). As usual, December is a busy time of the year. At least for me. It has always been. With exam season and student jobs being more demanding I did not enjoy pre-Christmas time for a very long time. Last year the pandemic happened and with the lockdowns in place, there was nothing much to enjoy. This year, I am enjoying the corporate end-of-the-year rush so I am glad I managed to get all my presents sorted on time. 

What I enjoy every year despite being very busy around the Holiday season, are the gift sets. I browse the web daily to see what the brands have in stock for us telling myself I am searching for gifts for others but I am really looking for a present for myself. I am not even mad at myself, the gift sets usually offer a great deal - most of the time, you can get your favourite product for a better price with other products you can try out. 

This year's gift sets are great and there is one that stood out to me - The Luxury Spa Collection from Emma Hardie. This is not the first time you see Emma Hardie on this blog. Her Moringa Cleansing Balm is my ultimate favourite makeup removing product. This was the first cleansing product of its kind that convinced me to use oil-based products to remove my makeup. The Luxury Spa collection contains not only the Moringa Cleansing Balm (30mL) but also Moringa Luxury Body Butter (50mL) and Moringa Luxury Bath and Shower Oil (50mL). The whole set comes in a clear plastic travel bag. 

Moringa Cleansing Balm

As I have already mentioned, this is my holy grail when it comes to removing my makeup. I have never had anything that would work so effectively. The balm takes off any makeup no matter how waterproof or long-lasting it is. It is gentle to the skin and leaves it nourished and soft. I am not a huge fan of oils in general so I struggled to add oils and oil-based makeup removing products to my routine. The moringa cleansing balm made the transition to oils and balms much easier for me. It removes makeup effectively but it can be taken off easily without leaving the skin greasy and oily. 

Moringa Luxury Body Butter 

If you ever tried the moringa cleansing balm, you probably recognise its specific sweet, citrusy and herbal scent. The body butter smells exactly the same. I know this scent does not suit everyone but I really like it. It reminds me of a spa I went to ages ago. 

The Body Butter is very intense. It feels light on the skin and rubs in quickly but once absorbed, it feels very nourishing. Would I buy it on its own? Probably not as I find it difficult to see the value in body nourishing products (which is not very beauty blogger of me) but I appreciate it as a part of a gift set. 

Moringa Luxury Bath Oil

I have a confession. I actually did not use this product as a bath oil because I cannot take baths due to my low blood pressure that makes me pass out anytime it is too warm and steamy (sauna and steam rooms are also NO for me, unfortunately). I apply it after the shower to nourish my skin. It is fairly intense and again, not a huge fan of oils but it does not leave my skin greasy. The oil dries quickly.
I can just imagine how lovely it must feel in the bath. It smells divine (again, the same scent as the rest of the moringa collection). 

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  1. Produkty a vlastne ani značku nepoznám, ale dík za tip, vyzerajú fajn. :)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage