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It’s that time of the year again. Yes, Black Friday is just behind the corner meaning bargains on every corner. I am not the person who buys something just because it’s on sale, I usually plan ahead by writing down a list of things I am planning to buy regardless and keeping an eye on Black Friday makeup deals. If there is a sale, fantastic, I am saving money. If not, it’s fine because I was ready to pay the full price regardless. Today I would like to share with you this year’s Black Friday Shopping list.

1. Olaplex

Exactly one year ago I started my Olaplex journey. Around the last year's Black Friday I have decided to finally give Olaplex a go and I have been in love ever since. My favourite product from Olaplex UK is definitely the N.5 conditioner. It is very nourishing but not too heavy and it lasts for ages (two 250ml bottles per year for my hair). Since I just run out of my second bottle of the conditioner, I am placing it on my Black Friday stock-up list.

2. Mizon: Strawberry Sheet Mask

I have talked about the Strawberry face mask from Mizon many times before and that’s because I adore it. No other mask works so well with my skin and costs so little. The strawberry mask leaves my skin hydrated, glowy and very smooth. I stock up on this mask regularly and black friday is no different. Trust me on this one. 

3. Kerastase - Defense Thermique 

I have been focusing on proper haircare in the past year and on my journey to healthy and shiny hair I discovered a fantastic heat protection spray from Kerastase. There are many products that can protect your hair from heat but for me personally most of them are too heavy. This one from Kerastase is, however, very light. I am slowly but surely running out of my second bottle and I am definitely going to buy another one. I noticed that after using this spray, my hair look much healthier and less dry after using a hair straightener or a curling wand. It nourishes my hair without leaving them heavy or greasy. This is one of my favourite products I have discovered in 2021.

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