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There is one thing I definitely do not need more of - perfumes. And that's exactly why I picked another fragrance to review lol. I had my eye on Valentino's Voce Viva for a while now. None of the other Valentino's perfumes really took me by my heart so I did not even raise my brow when Voce Viva was released. However, Lady Gaga did a good job promoting this perfume so I looked up the ingredients list and thought Voce Viva could actually be my cup of tea. 

The bottle is very Valentino. Simple and classy with an edge. I really like the red-gold theme Valentino has going on at the moment. Perhaps because it reminds me of Christmas haha. The perfume is available in four different sizes - 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and also a travel version of 10ml. I nearly went for the travel version (as I mentioned, I have the way too many perfumes) but I did not like the small plastic bottle as much as the proper glass one all the other sizes come in. 

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Red Mandarin
Middle Notes: Gardenia, Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Vanilla 

The perfume is sweet and juicy. I know most websites describe it as floral but to me Voce Viva is a fruity fragrance. It is a little too young for me at first but then it transforms into a warmer more adult scent. I am bringing this up because the first hour after spraying the perfume on, it smells exactly like Justin Bieber's The Key (proud believer here lol). Later, the scent becomes warm and heavier which makes it more grown up. I have not seen The Key in ages so it has been most likely sold out entirely so if you are a fan of JB, Voce Viva may be the only way to go haha.  

It is not my favourite perfume of all times but it is nice enough and I believe most women will like this fragrance. It is non offensive and fairly generic so it will most likely be a hit if you decide to give Voce Viva to someone as a Christmas present. Keep an eye on Black Friday Perfume deals, you may be lucky and get this perfume for a good price. 

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