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There is a good chance you have never heard of the beauty brand called Gabriella Salvete. It comes from the Czech Republic and although I have been growing up searching through their makeup stands, I never had much experience with their products. Recently, I got one of their eyeshadow palettes from my friend and OMG! The brand is super affordable and the quality is comparable with some high-end brands. I believe, this brand is seriously underrated. 
Recently I noticed, Gabriella Salvete extended their product line to body and skincare products. Since I had such a good experience with their makeup, I decided to give these newbies a go. 

Dragon fruit sheet mask

One would not expect much from such a cheap face mask but this little gem proved to work better than most of its high-end colleagues. The dragon fruit mask is very refreshing (and cooling) and left my skin soft and glowy. I think it is great for dull and dehydrated skin. The sheet has loads of serum so there is quite a bit left over after the 15 minutes application. The remaining serum is absorbed very quickly if massaged into the skin afterwards. It reminds me a lot of my ultimate favourite Strawberry sheet mask from Mizon. 

Coconut Sheet Mask 

This mask is very similar to the Dragon Fruit mask mentioned above. The only difference is the light coconut scent and that the coconut mask is more nourishing rather than hydrating. Other than that, it is pretty much the same. The mask has a cooling effect and the serum gets absorbed quickly. I did not experience any redness or irritation. 

Collagen Gold Eye Mask 

I like the idea of eye patches. I usually do not see much of an effect when it comes to eye creams so I prefer the patches as I can actually see the difference before and after the application. I have seen many positive reviews of the gold patches with Collagen from Gabriella Salvete. After trying them myself, I am not really surprised. 

It calms down the under-eye area and visibly reduces the dark circles. Apart from that, it leaves the skin soft and hydrated. I am not sure about the promised increase in skin elasticity - I don't think that's something that can be fixed with a few 10 minutes of patch applications. Overall, not bad especially considering the low price. 

Foot Mask

As much as I am fond of the face masks mentioned above, the foot mask did not impress me as much. Don't get me wrong, it is not bad but I would say it is more in line with the cost. The foot mask promises to soften the rough skin and skin regeneration but I saw none of it. However, it nourishes the feet well. I believe using this 30-minute foot mask after a scrub would be an ideal situation - the scrub will soften the skin on your feet and the foot mask will give them all the nourishment needed. 

Hand Mask

Once again, this is a very similar case of scenario as with the Foot mask. The hand mask is ok but not the best. I personally do not think it is intense enough and although my hands feel slightly nourished and even soft, this effect did not last for long and I had to use hand cream as soon as 30 minutes after using the mask. However, the process of not doing much for 30 minutes of having the glove mask on is mentally soothing and I would recommend just for the sake of your mental health haha. If you are looking to get some intense hand treatment, I can recommend the Karite hand cream from Yves Rocher or the Cica Repair Hand Mask from Neutrogena. 

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