Bath and Body Works: Stress Relief

AD - Gifted for review

I always liked candles and that's a fact but since I moved to my new house, I am obsessed. I am not very good at decorating so it's been a struggle to make the place nice and cosy. And then I realised candles not only smell great but they also look lovely and work quite well as a decoration. So now my house looks like a candle factory. 

One of my many scented candles is a brand new Stress Relief candle with Eucalyptus and Tea from Bath and Body Works from their Aromatherapy collection. It is huge (411g), it comes in a glass jar with three wicks. My living room where this candle resides is quite large so all three of them burning is fine but I would recommend just one or two if your room is smaller. 

This is not your typical autumn candle. They tend to be warm and heavier and I prefer lighter scents. The scent is a combination of grapefruit notes, chamomile tea and eucalyptus but I do not smell the grapefruit from it at all. I think the chamomile tea is quite prominent with the eucalyptus tail at the end. The scent is nice and fresh. I am not sure how much the smell affects my stress levels, but the placebo effect is definitely there. Lighting a candle, watching an episode of my favourite spooky youtube series and possibly putting a sheet face mask on. This little routine definitely helps with my stress levels. 

I like the candle but it is not my favourite so I probably would not get it again. When I am to purchase a new candle (which will be sooner rather than later) I will get my ultimate favourite Linen & Lavender also from Bath and Body Works. However I must admit, I am looking forward to some lovely Christmas candles. A while ago I had an eggnog one and it was phenomenal. 

What is your favourite brand of candles? 

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