Bali Body: Bronzed & Glowy - REVIEW

 AD - Gifted. Products for review were kindly sent to me for a review

A few weeks ago, I was approached by an Australian brand called Bali Body and they asked me if I would like to review some of their products. I have seen this brand about but never tried anything but after checking everything out, I figured why not.
The primary focus of the brand is summer. They offer a whole range of self-tanning creams, sprays and oils as well as some makeup products. The aim of the brand is to deliver bronzed and glowy skin.


I was kindly gifted a Shimmer Body Oil, BB Cream, highlighters and face tan water. Some of the products can be found in Boots or at ASOS but the best selection can be obviously found at the official Bali Body Website. The shipping is free on all orders as well. 

Face Tan Water

Let's start with the Face Tan Water. It comes in 100mL plastic bottle with a pump. What surprised me the most about this product is the application. The Tan Water is not applied by spraying it all over the face at the end of the skincare routine but it is rather applied just like a toner with a cotton pad. I think that leads to an evened out result. You will see a result withing 4-6 hours (or the next morning) but the progress is subtle with each use so you do not have to worry about waking up with a face six shades darker than the rest of your body. 

I like the colour, the water gives my a face a nice sunkissed glow and it actually can replace a toner because it is pretty hydrating. This was a pleasant surprised. 

Highlighter Glow Stick

The next products on my list are the Highlighter Stick liquid highlighters. The glow stick comes in three shades - Rose Gold, Sunkissed and Moonlit. Each tube contains 4mL of the product. All three shades are glowy, shimmery and rich although there is no glitter. 

The shades can be blended well with your fingers as well as with the brush without disrupting the makeup underneath. My favourite shade is definitely the Rose Gold one while the Moonlit did not work out to me. It seems to me the formula is slightly different and not as intense (I like to shine!) and when trying to build it up, unlike the other two shades, the Moonlit gets a little patchy. I do not have a such an issue with Sunkissed or Rose Gold which can be built up quite well.

The shades look alike on the picture but the reflection has the same tone as the swatches below. 

BB Cream SPF15 

Another product, I had a chance to try is the BB cream with SPF 15. It comes in 35mL bronze shiny tube. The colour of the tube is matching how my skin looks like after applying this BB cream. Once again, it leaves my skin look like I just spent some time at sunny beach. I love it. The coverage is very very light and I would even say this could be classed as a tinted moisturiser. The BB cream gets absorbed quickly and it feels very light on the skin. The BB Cream evens out my skintone perfectly. It is also hydrating adn gives me a touch of glow. It's ideal for no make-up makeup days.

The BB cream comes in two shades - Natural and Tan. Due to the sheer coverage, you do not need a perfect fit at all. It seems to be the cream adjusts to your skin colour and as I already say, the cream just evens out your face. 

Shimmering Body Oil

Lastly, let's talk about the Shimmering Body Oil. It comes in 10mL bottle and this is the only product I did not enjoy unfortunately. First, the scent is just not it for me. I can smell a coconut and cocoa and although I love both the scents just not complement each other here. There is a good chance most of you wont care about the scent but it just bothers me for any reason. 

The shimmer in this oil is very very subtle and it actually looks like you just got out of the ocean. And it is very moisturising. Some oils can be, weirdly enough, drying but this one definitely is not. Oil-wise there is nothing bad I can say about this product but I just cannot handle the scent. Unfortunatelly. 

Overall, I am impressed. There are many tanning companies that are not very good and I must admit I was a little worried what will come out from this but I genuinely like the products and all of them (but the oil) became a part of my routine. I am probably going to order some more products from this brand. Currently, I have my eye on the Gradual Face Tan Cream. The effect looks really nice (check out their Instagram). 

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