AD - Gifted for a review

Today's review will focus on a product that was on my list for literally years. I wanted it since one of my former colleagues told me that this is what she uses to draw her perfect and Instagram-friendly brows. Yes, I am talking about the iconic DipBrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills

I am not going to lie, I hate doing my brows. It is too much hassle and since my brows are quite bushy naturally, I prefer to just "brush them" with eyebrow mascaras and brow gels and then I am good to go (oh, I loved the brow lamination trend). However, I like to keep a brow pomade handy because once in a while I get the urge to fill in my brows like I am Nikkie Tutorials and out of all products that can achieve this, the pomades work the best for me. 

The DipBrow pomade comes in 11 shades and I have picked the shade Blonde. It is actually not too yellow/warm and it offers an ashy tone which goes well with my cool blond hair colour. Each glass pot contains 4g of the pomade. It is a fair amount and I am actually worried if it dries out before I use it up as many other pomades do. We will see. 

The formula is well pigmented and creamy. I find it very easy to apply this product precisely but I need to be careful with how much product I ger onto my brush. If you apply too much, it can look too harsh. I would recommend starting with a light layer and build up depending on your desired look. Once the pomade dries, it stays on for the whole day and I would even say it is fairly waterproof since I got stuck in a rain and my brows still survived. Not even mentioning that it is definitely smudge-proof.  

Obviously, ABH is a high-end brand so you can expect a high-end price, however, it is cheaper than products from some other brow orientated brands (that are even not that good). This product will hopefully last you months (I will add a note in a few months time to let you know when this dried out) so it will hopefully be worth it in a long run

. I really like it, I like it better than many other popular pomades simply because the application is smooth and easy, the blonde shade has a cool undertone rather than a warm one and the pomade stays on my face without moving until I remove it with a cleanser. 

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