Lancome: Lash Idole - review

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As much as I try to avoid thinking about the pandemic, the impact of the situation on every aspect of our lives is undeniable. Even makeup trends are affected. For obvious reason, we are switching from full-face makeup to natural no-makeup makeup looks and thanks to face masks the main focus is the eyes. That’s probably why the makeup industry is currently living through the golden age of mascaras. You know well that I mostly prefer drugstore mascaras and my go-to brand is L’oreal, however, I am no stranger to high-end products either. 

In the past few months, Lancome introduced a new mascara called Idole Lash. It is an extension of the popular Idole collection that started with a now very popular slim perfume carrying the same name. If I had to choose my favourite high-end mascara, it would probably be one of the Lancome ones so I had to try the Newbie of the Lancome makeup world. 

The mascara comes in a beautiful rose-gold and black 8ml tube. The wand is slim and curved with thin rubber bristles. The wand is quite long and I find it easy to reach an inner corner of my eye. I find the bristles too stiff and they make the application uncomfortable for my eyes. I don’t think if anyone else has the same issue. It’s not a big deal, it’s not irritating, it’s just the feeling of the wand touching my waterline. Not a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind if your eyes are sensitive.

I love the effect. The want divides the lashes it gives them enough volume to notice but not too much to ruin the natural look. I would compare it to the iconic Sky-High mascara from Maybelline only this one gives you more volume while Sky-high is more about the length. 

Lash Idole does not smudge and stays on for the whole day. I see small marks from the mascara after a busy day full of running around (and sweating) but if the day is quiet and chilled, there is absolutely no issue with this mascara.

This mascara is decent enough. If you pick it up, chances are you won’t be disappointed. However, I find it similar to the already mentioned Sky High from Maybelline so I would probably buy that one instead. Needless to say, Sky High dries up within a month and a half. I have Lash Idole mascara for at least two months and it is still nice and fresh.

When it comes to Lancome, I think there are better mascaras in their selection - such as Hypnose Doll Eyes (I must admit, it’s been a while since the last time I used this mascara so I may need to re-visit to see if it isn’t outdated ­čśů). 

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