St.Tropez: Bronzing Water Mist - Review

 AD - Gifted for review

I was never too much into fake tan or tanning beds. I find self-tanning foams and shower gels too much of a hassle and since I am claustrophobic, tanning beds are a huge no-no. The only fake tan I really enjoyed is the spray-on-tan done in a saloon - there is a minimum effort from my side and it looks nice and even. I also liked a product called Luxe oil from St.Tropez but then it got discontinued. 

About a year ago, I discovered a new type of self-tanning product that I could get on board with - self-tanning body mist. I have tried several of these, and I wanted to review the Bronzing Water Mist from St.Tropez

The Bronzing Water mist is super easy to use and that's one of the reasons I like it so much. All you have to do is to spray the mist all over your body and rub it in. The tan will appear in 4-8 hours. I find the spray nozzle very fine so not too much product is spread through each spray dose. That means the overall application takes longer, however, there are no harsh patches when I accidentally miss a bit when rubbing the mist in. 

The mist leaves medium to deep tan (I think it is buildable). The first intense colour gets washed off quickly in a matter of few days, however, the soft tan under the top layer lasts for up to 14 days. That is very good, most of the tanning waters give you 10 day at most if not topped up. Needless to say, I go for a swim twice a week and this is the only tanning water that does not seem bothered by that. 
The mist has a nice tropical scent that lasts for a few hours before changing into the fake-tan smell that is actually not too strong. 

The tan comes in a 200mL bottle and it will last about 5 to 6 full body applications. I would also recommend using a mitt to spread the mist across your body. I use the St.Tropez Luxe Velvet Applicator Mitt and I am happy enough with it... however, I must admit I do not have a frame of reference as this is the only Mitt I have ever used.

I must say I am happy with this mist. The colour looks right, the mist does not leave patches and the tan lasts for a while. 

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