Neutrogena: Bright Boost Collection

* AD - Gifted for review. 

For any reason, Neutrogena seems to always slip my mind although I am usually impressed with any products of theirs I try. Last time, It was the Curcuma cleansing foam (which is one of my ultimate favourites now), so I decided to try the brand new Bright Boost collection. The collection is supposed to boost the brightness and even the skin tone. This is due to highly concentrated Neoglucosamine which is a amino sugar compound that boosts skin surface cells turnover by up to ten times. On top of it all, it is apparently a building block for a hyaluronic acid. Moreover, these products are full of antioxidants for skin (vitamin C and vitamin E). This collection is suitable for all skin types. 

The Bright Boost collection offers a skin serum, face scrub, gel-cream and SPF fluid. I picked the serum and SPF fluid. I never say no to a potentially good glow boost serum and I am on a hunt for a decent SPF. 

The Brigth Boost Illuminating Serum 

The Neutrogena brigthening serum comes in a 30ml tube with a pump. It has a milky colour and it is very runny so there is no surprise that the serum is absorbed quickly without leaving any residues. Although there is a Parfum listed at the end of the ingredient list, I can hardly notice any scent to it nor have any irritation from this serum. 

My skin reacts well to this serum. There is a immediate effect to this serum - my skin gets very nice touch fo glow and overall seems healthier. When it comes to the long term effects, I have been using the serum for a bit over two weeks and I am starting to see improvement in my skin tone and redness so I am excited to see, if there are going to be any further improvements to my skin. So far so good and if everything goes well, I will defo repurchase. 

SPF 30 Gel Fluid

When it comes to the SPF products, I am still looking for my one and only. I think there was not very good and financially accessible selection up until recently so although I know the science behind the SPF and its importance, I am not very experienced with the SPF products. To expand my area of SPF expertise (lol) I wanted to try the SPF 30 gel fluid. 

It comes in 50 ml tube the fluid looks similar to the serum. Only difference is that this fluid is less runny. The application is also easy and the fluid slides on the skin surface but the product is not really absorbed into the skin and it leaves somewhat sticky layer. 

The brigthening effect is visible immediately after application. It does give my skin the current instagram-poupular glowy look so it looks nice on pictures but as I already said, it feels sticky on a skin. Morever, over the time, it leaves my skin a bit greasy but I think it's my skin's unhappy reaction to the fluid. 

I don't think it is a bad product, but it just did no agree with my skin unfortunatelly. 

Although the SPF fluid was not IT for me, I am slowly but surely falling in love with the illuminating serum and now I really want to try the gel-cream from this collection too. I remember enjoying the gel cream from the Hydration Boost collection also from Neutrogena so I am hoping this could become my new holy grail as I like anything glow skin related. 

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