Bobbi Brown: Luxe Glow

AD - gifted for review 

I always wanted to try some makeup from Bobbi Brown. Her makeup is a classic and I feel like such a huge makeup lover as myself, I should have at least one of her products in my collection. Thanks to Notino, I was able to get a Luxe Glow gift set. It contains a Highlighting Powder Duo Pink Glow/Sunset Glow, precise blending brush and Luxe Lip Color in a shade Neutral Rose. All these products come in a gorgeous luxurious looking black makeup bag.  

I could choose from several Bobbi Brown sets but I picked this one mainly because I wanted to see what quality are the brushes like. The brush included in the set is a small travel size Precise blending brush but it works just as well. I would say the only difference between the normal size and the travel size included in the Luxe Glow set is that the handle is shorter. The bristles are very soft. It works well with the highlighters included in the set and it is super easy to wash this brush.  There is really nothing negative I could say about this brush, which is very unfortunate for my bank account because now I just want more makeup brushes from Bobbi Brown.

The big kahuna of this set is arguably the Highlighting powder duo. The small palette is composed of two popular highlighting shades - Pink Glow and Sunset Glow. Surprisingly the pink shade is the one called Sunset Glow and not the Pink glow. Unfortunately, this palette can be bought only as a part of the Luxe Glow set but both shades can be purchased separately. 

The highlighter duo can be easily considered the best makeup product of this year. The glow from both of the shades is phenomenal. No glitter, no metallic, just a pure glow. It looks natural on the skin but it can be built up to achieve a more intense look. 

I usually use the pink shade on top of blush (or as a blush when I do not wear much makeup) and the light shade on top of my cheeks. Then I lightly touch both shades and gently apply the mix to other parts of my face - you could not tell I am wearing a matte finish foundation. 

Check out the video of me using the Luxe Glow set from Bobbi Brown. Most of the products used are available at Notino.  

Last but not least, I also tested the Luxe lip colour aka the Bobbi Brown Lipstick. I have to say I was not as impressed. Not disappointed but also not dancing around the fire celebrating the discovery of the best lipstick of eternity. 

The shade is wearable, I am guessing it looks good on the majority of the population but the formula is not IT for me personally. It looks a bit dry on my lips but that could be just me. On the other hand, the packaging is heavy and luxurious looking so if nothing else, it will look great on photos. 

I cannot get enough of the highlighting duo with the brush. I don't think I have used any other highlighter since I got this set. I would definitely recommend it even if it meant buying each shade separately. It is totally worth it. 

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