Under the Lemon Trees with Maison Margiela

AD - gifted for review

I am very much a fan of generic perfumes and fragrances from well-known brands such as Armani but occasionally I like to treat myself with an extraordinary scent from brands that are not as well-known compared to popular treasures such as Black Opium. 

A while ago I came across a brand called Maison Margiela and I got intrigued by their fragrances from the Replica collection. With approaching summer (and an empty bottle of Mandarine Basilic from Guerlain) I’ve browsed through the list of floral perfumes and I’ve decided to try the scent called Under the lemon trees. 

This fragrance is nothing that I thought it is going to be. I was expecting a very light citrusy scent that disappears after a couple of hours, but the truth is this Eau de toilette fragrance is richer than most perfumes I have tried so far. The fragrance opens with a very light and refreshing hint of green tea. I love green tea in fragrances and if I am honest, I picked Under the lemon trees mainly because I saw green tea is one of the ingredients. Then the fragrance transforms into a warmer scent of cedarwood and settles into a mix of musk and lemon. 

Top Notes: Cardamom, Kalamansi Flavor Accord, Petit Grain Essence

Middle Notes: Mate Absolute, Coriander, Green Tea

Base Notes: Citrus Absolute, Musk, Cedar Wood

What impressed me the most is how long this fragrance lasts. I cannot smell most of the Eau de toilettes after 4 or 5 hours but this one stays on until you take a shower. I am not even exaggerating, I would compare its longevity to the perfume version of the Black Opium that is known to lasts for ages. Also, one or two pumps are enough, there is no need to pour half of a bottle on me. As I said, it is unique, especially considering this is not considered an Eau de Perfume. 

I also like the simple design of the bottle - it is small so you can fit it into any handbag. Well, you know that I am a fan of simple packaging when it comes to a fragrance. 

One downside is that something in this fragrance triggers my partner’s headache so I cannot wear it around him. I am not sure which ingredient is the trigger but I have exactly the same issue with Libre from YSL (unfortunately, it’s a gorgeous scent that I enjoy usually for about a minute before a massive migraine comes my way). It’s a shame but I am wearing the Maison Margiela when I am going somewhere without him so it is my “day out with the girls” scent. 

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