Over the past few months or even years, I have become an eyeshadow palette collector (it sounds better than makeup hoarder lol). I am sure if covid did not happen, my collection would be smaller but hey.. retail therapy does work. Today, I would like to show you my favourite pieces from my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy

Although this is not the best quality palette on this list, it is my favourite due to its colours. I think they are very playful allowing me to experiment a little as well as create nice everyday looks. Palette offers countless combinations and it is composed of matte shadows, shimmer shadows, one holographic shadow and two glitters so there is really something for every occasion. The only downside is that some of the matte shades can be too powdery.

Blood Lust from Jeffree Star Cosmetics

This is, in my opinion, Jeffree’s best palette. It’s wearable, the colour range offers again many combinations and since I have a weak spot for purple... his formula is quite different from other brands and it always takes me some time to get used to it but once I do, I cannot get enough. Eyeshadows in this palette are pigmented, buildable and blend easily. No smudging or anything. If you are not a fan of purple, this may not be the best choice for you but if you like purple, I would 100% recommend it. 

ABH x Norvina

This is the best quality palette on this list. It’s better than the Amrezy palette but it is more subtle. All of the shadows are creamy and pigmented. Once again, you can create an everyday look as well as something more intense. The reason it is not my number one is the suede packaging. I am a bit weird and I cannot touch it without wanting to pull my hair out. 

Natasha Denona Mini Star

I love this palette but not everyone is a fan of Natasha Denona. She is expensive and she does give you much space for out of the box creativity. The majority of her palette is meant to be subtle and wearable. This palette is tiny and fairly expensive but to me, this is the perfect everyday palette. Blending is so easy and the shimmer shades are so pigmented that not concealer cut crease is necessary. The whole look takes me about five minutes or even less and the outcome always looks like I know what I am doing. 

Morphe x Jeffree Star

I was not sure if I should include this palette on this list as it’s being discontinued. I love it tho and I think this palette still deserves to be acknowledged. It offers the typical not-so-easy-to-use formula Morphe is notorious for (meaning although it is well pigmented, it takes a while to blend the eyeshadows well together). However, due to the wide range of colours, it is a great palette to experiment with. I also like to use this palette for everyday makeup because it offers some subtle shades. And once applied, it stays on perfectly until you remove it with a makeup remover (this applies to all Morphe palettes.. or at least the ones I tried). 

Which palettes are your favourites? Have you tried any of these?

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