Schwarzkopf: Blond Me - Review

* AD - Gifted for review. 

I don't know how about you but I have been counting every day till the hairdressers are opened. For Scotland, that day is on the 5th of April and it feels like waiting for Christmas. 
Until then, I had to take care of my hair on my own. I would never cut my hair and I successfully resisted the urge to buy hair colour and just dye it myself so I mainly focused on maintaining the current colour as bright and alive as possible. 

One of my hairdresser friends recommended to me the Blond me collection from Schwarzkopf Professional and occasionally I get the Tone Enhancing Bonding Mask for Cool Blondes. I have to admit I do not see any effect on my hair colour but the mask is light and nourishing and really suits my hair. It leaves the hair smooth to the touch and gives it a shiny coat. The mask is thick and concentrated so the whole 200 ml pot usually lasts for about three or four months when using on weekly basis.  

Since I am on a hunt for a good toning shampoo I could use just one in a while rather than every time I wash my hair, I decided to try the Blush Wash in Silver from the Blond Me collection. It comes in a 250 ml bottle with a pump. The shampoo is thick and dark green which is unusual because most shampoos dedicated to blond hair are purple. The shampoo does not foam at all so I found it difficult to wash my hair with it. I left it on for five minutes according to the directions and then I washed it off. It did not do much to my colour and it did not clean my hair either so I was thinking a disaster is on a way. 

Luckily I watched some videos prior to ordering these goodies so I knew there is a reason this line is so popular with some of the hairdressers. This shampoo cannot be treated as shampoo but rather as a toning solution. To effectively use this shampoo, I had to apply it as a colour. Ideally, using a plastic pot and a brush to apply it is the best way but using just my hands and gloves when applying to the wet hair will do as well. I leave it on for 30 minutes, wash it on and then I continue with my haircare routine such as shampoo, mask and conditioner (obviously this goes against the directions written on the bottle and I am not encouraging you to not follow Schwarzkopf's guidance. I am simply sharing what worked for me). Any touches of yellow and orange are instantly lifted. I use the shampoo once per week but I think I am ok to extend the time between each use to 10 days now. 

Overall, I am happy with these. This collection is great for blonde hair considering the products are not too heavy which can sometimes be an issue for lighter hair. As I mentioned, I use the mask for a while now, this is my fourth tube I think. When it comes to shampoo, it is unusual, it will not be everyone's cup of tea but I like it. I tried many purple shampoos and I like a few of them a lot but the issue is I have to use them every time i wash my hair to maintain the cool blond colour. Now I can actually use some proper shampoo that focuses on a different issue than just a tone of a colour since the Blush wash is working well even if used once in a while. 

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