Caudalie: Instant Detox Mask

*AD - gifted for review

Over the past few months, my skin was doing terribly. Although I am a proud owner of dry-ish skin, my skin started acting out to the point I thought my skin type completely changed to combination skin. This could be due to the fact I was not leaving the flat as often since I live in Scotland and it was constantly raining or snowing over the past few weeks. I don't know what is the cause but something had to be done. 

I am very bad at using face masks and rather than using them twice a week, it is more like a monthly occasional occurrence for me. However, since my skin was acting out more than when I was a teenager, I decided to get a decent deep cleansing face mask and force myself to use it as much as necessary. The mask of my choice is the Instant Detox Mask from Caudalie. 

This is not my first time using this mask. I got it a few years ago from some sort of subscription box and I remember I really liked it but since I was a student and It costs more than a fiver, I was not able to repurchase it. Then I kind of forgot about this product and recalled it just a while ago when I saw a picture of this mask on Instagram. 

The clay mask comes in a 75 ml tube with a wooden lid. It is supposed to clean skin impurities and excess sebum as well as tighten pores and refresh a complexion. It can be used on any skin type up to twice per week. 

The Instant Detox Mask is pink and it has a soft and creamy structure. It has a nice scent to it but I think it could be bothering some people (although many other bloggers said it is hardly noticeable. I guess my big nose can pick up the scents better lol). Only a thin layer is required to cover the whole face so the whole bottle could last for a while. 

Once applied, you can feel the tightening as the clay mask dries. The mask is supposed to stay on for 5 to 10 minutes until the mask is dry. The time will vary depending on your skin but it takes me about 6 minutes. Washing off is easy and quick. 

When the mask is washed off, my skin looks visibly cleaner and feels matte to the touch. I personally use a moisturiser after because clay masks can be drying. After two weeks of using this mask, I noticed having fewer blackheads on my nose than usual as well as my pores appearing smaller (at least for a day or o after each use). 

I like this mask and I am glad it remains as good as I remember it. Only this time I can actually appreciate its effects on my skin - back then I was not much educated in skincare haha. It is pricier, but I think the value is good considering how many uses I can get from one tube. And let's be honest, Caudalie is not a drugstore brand so the higher price is to be expected. 

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