New in: Morphe

Buying makeup I don’t need whenever Morphe has a sale is a great weakness of mine. If I said I shop there at least every month it would be no understatement. 

This time I bought three lovely pieces - eyeshadow palette, blush palette and a foundation. All of it for only £22 because Morphe was offering 40% off sale items. What a bargain. 

The main reason I made this order was this stunning blush palette - 8C COOL PRO BLUSH palette.  Somehow I was low on a blush (who would believe I am low in stock on anything makeup related lol) and although there is a lovely Hourglass face palette waiting for me at home in the Czech Republic, who knows when will I be able to visit my family again. Until then I had to get something else and this palette was just screaming “buy me!”. 

I was also dying to try their Fluidity full coverage foundation although I have heard mixed reviews about this one. It offers full coverage and a matte finish and it is available in unbelievable 60 shades! And yes, somehow I did not pick the right one. Oh well. 

The last piece is this beautiful palette - 35M BOSS MOOD. If there is something I don’t need, it is more eyeshadow palettes but since it was nearly as much as postage I would have to pay if my order did not reach £20, it was no brainer - I added the palette to the order too. Not sure if I organise a giveaway or just give it to someone for my birthday.. or even keep it myself because it is actually really pretty. One way or another, it will not be wasted. 

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