Rowenta: Premium Care Brush Activ Volume and Shine

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Going to see a hairdresser for a nice and lovely blow-dry is really not an option at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic. That's why hair dryer brushes received so much attention recently. It literally took all over social media. The results always looked fantastic, so I wanted to try this home-made-blow-dry-made-easy trend for myself. There are many options to chose from and I picked the Premium Care Brush Activ Volume and Shine brush from Rowenta that promises salon-blow dry result with shine and care. 

It comes with two brushes, the bigger one is for curls and the smaller one for straight hair. There are three temperature settings and the brush can rotate to left or right. The brush also offers two ion boosters for shinier hair (I have zero how the ion thing works but every electronic hair product mentions it so I assume it is important). 

Before starting to dry my hair, I apply heat protection care - whichever works for you. I am currently using the Anti hair-fall fortifying blow-dry fluid from Kerastase

I usually start with half drying my hair without any of the brushes attached (see the video) and I usually use the cool air shot setting. Then I split my hair and tie the upper half up. 

Then I start drying the bottom half of the hair using the bigger brush on the first temperature/speed setting. When my hair is nearly dry, I switch to the higher speed setting to add the finishing wavy touch. It helps to use the rotation function to achieve the salon-like blow dry look. It gives the hair more volume. 

I repeat this until my hair is completely dry. 

Although I was struggling at the start, I did learn how to work with this brush dryer eventually. The result is fantastic - at least I think so. My hair looks shiny and full of volume. However, I would not recommend using it every time you are drying your hair. The brushes attached get really warm and the hair is in contact with them for much longer than a curling iron or hair straightener so although it may seem like a no-damage option, it is not unfortunately true. The brush is meant to be used once in a while and it should not replace your regular hairdryer (no matter how tempting it is). 

If you are thinking about getting a hair dryer brush, I can 100% recommend this one but I want to make sure you are aware that this is not an everyday use tool. I personally would use it every now and then... before a zoom-nigh-out or an important meeting at work - special occasions. Not more than once a week. 

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