AD - Products mentioned in this post were gifted to me for a review. 

Understandably, there were not that many makeup releases recently so it would be difficult to miss any newbies that have entered the world of makeup since the beginning of 2020. Thanks to Notino, I got a chance to try a new L’oreal mascara and one of the new lipsticks from NYX Professional Makeup and I am about to tell you all about it.

Based on my last post, you may think I am a Disney enthusiast, especially since I am just about to show you a mascara called Bambi Eyes Extra Black but you would be mistaken. I just heard so many good things about this mascara and I wanted to check myself if it’s as good as everyone says. I picked the extra black version but it is also available in a waterproof or standard version.

The applicator is thicker than what I am used to so my eyelid can get messy if you are used to thinner bristles. However, I like that it is made of soft silicone so the applicator slides along my lashes easily. 
This mascara does not really give your lashes a natural look so I did not like it as much towards the start but I got onto it eventually. It actually creates the fake lash effect (to some extend) which worked out well for me as I cannot stand falsies. Mascara gives the lashes a volume and makes them appear longer without clumping or sticking together. Mascara does not really melt down during the day but it can get smudged if you rub your eye so be careful. 

Overall I am pleasantly surprised. It is no Lancome but definitely not too bad for drugstore. Take a look for yourself.

Celkově jsem docela spokojená. Není to žádný Lancome, ale na drogérku je to docela slušná práce. 

Another new makeup arrival comes from NYX. Their lipsticks have a great reputation and although I usually pick liquid lipsticks, I was very curious what Shout Loud lipstick in a shade Love is a Drug has to offer. 

Firstly I think the pink shade is stunning. Not too pale, not too dark. The lipstick is very rich and intense as you can see on the picture. It is creamy but the lipstick does not slide on the lips too well so it does not get all over your mouth. I find it really easy to apply this lippie with a lip brush but it is not necessary. I would not really agree with a claim that this lipstick is highly hydrating but it not drying either. 

It lasts like any other lipstick of this type. It needs to be topped up and it can smudge but that is kind of expected. 

Overall it is nice. I liked it better than the matte lippies from NYX. I like the extensive shade selection and I will be getting some nude shades as well (I know I said I prefer liquid lipsticks but recently, I started reaching for the good old classics haha). 

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