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I don't know about you but I have taken the quarantine time to improve my skincare routine. Most of the time, I am either too busy or too tired to even bother with a face mask. I wish I was that blogger who uses a face mask regularly but I am just not. However, since I do not have to commute to work every day, I started using my spare time to treat myself with a face mask.

Although I am not a Disney fan, I could not resist and picked three Disney inspired sheet masks from Mad Beauty. To be fair I did not have high expectations as the Disney stuff is usually quite mediocre and sells well just because it is Disney. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised by one of them. Each mask contains 25ml of product and each sheet masks turns your face into your favourite Disney character. All of them has to stay on for 10 - 12 minutes which is not too bad, I do not enjoy masks that has to stay on for any longer than that. But that's a personal preference.

I started with the Brightening Face Sheet Mask called Minnie. It is in fact inspired by Minnie Mouse and as you can see, it looks phenomenal on my face. I think design-wise, this is the best one. However, the effect is not my favourite. I could see the brightening effect after I massaged the leftover product in but my face did not feel too nourished or moisturised. I guess for the price I could not expect miracles.

My second choice was the Cinderella mask, which is a Brightening and Revitalising sheet mask. Although the design was quite a disappointment, it is the best one. I liked it from the first minute it landed on my face. It felt so nice. The mask has a cooling and calming effect and I felt like I was truly relaxing the whole time I had the mask on. When I removed the mask, I could tell the difference immediately. The skin felt hydrated, nourished and extremely soft to the touch. I am a big fan and I am gonna repurchase because my skin was glowing the next day.

The last mask is inspired by Belle. It was pretty much the same as the first one, but I liked it a tiny bit better because it did give some moisture to my skin too as well as leaving it radiant just after the use. But this mask was not as good as the Cinderella one which is now one of my favourites.

To sum it up, I am ok with my choice. I did not fall in love with all of them but I gave it a go and I had fun trying these (so did my boyfriend when I scared him in my Minnie face mask lol). I will defo go back to the Cinderella mask and I am tempted to try the other Disney masks from Mad Beauty. The designs can be quite crazy but it makes it fun which is something we all need in this difficult time.


  1. Jeee, ta Minnie vypadá fakt parádně. Jen škoda, že takové nejsou i účinky.
    Povídání nejen o kosmetice

  2. Wow, rozhodne to vyzerá veľmi zaujímavo. :D

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage