Monochrome Magic: Rediscovering the Joy of Mono Eyeshadows!

AD - Products mentioned in this post were gifted to me. 

Mono eyeshadows, the OG makeup saviors of our teenage years! Back when palettes were but a distant dream in drugstore aisles, Essence mono eyeshadows were our go-to. One color, one lid! It's funny how we've circled back to those simple joys. Nowadays, amidst a wide range of options, two mono eyeshadows have stolen my heart - one from my beloved YSL, and the other from the edgy Urban Decay.

Urban Decay - Moondust Eyeshadow:

I'll admit, I'd written Urban Decay off for a bit, thinking they were stuck in a time capsule circa 2014. But surprisingly they're making a comeback! The Moondust in 'Space Cowboy' took over social media like a glittery storm. Surprisingly, these celestial eyeshadows have been around since 2013, yet the hype only recently caught fire. Personally, it didn't register on my radar until I received it in a PR package, and now? Well, it's my daily go-to.

Packaged in a clear plastic pan, this baby lets its glimmer do all the talking. At 1.5g, it may not sound like much, but let's face it, when was the last time we hit pan on a behemoth eyeshadow palette? Once it's on, it's on. This glitter holds its ground until an oil-based makeup remover steps in.

With its nude, rose gold undertones, it's like this sparkle was born to grace my skin. Whether solo, as a topper to matte shades, or a highlighter - it's a chameleon! The pigmentation is on point, and it's easy to apply with my finger or a brush. The hype? Totally justified.

YSL - Sequin Crush

As autumn approaches with its Pumpkin Spice latte scents and heavy rains, my go-to? Orange eyeshadow that makes my blue eyes pop. This time, I'm using just one color for my look. Enter Yves Saint Laurent's Sequin Crush in 'Confident Nude'.

This eyeshadow is a glamorous mix of glitter and silk, packing loads of pigment. Its golden sibling, 'Legendary Gold', is a showstopper for the Christmas season, thanks to its unrivaled sparkle. Blending like a dream with a brush, the glitter truly comes alive with a finger's touch. Trust me, it's worth it for that pumpkin spice disco ball vibe!

Packaged like a luxurious secret, with the Yves Saint Laurent emblem on top and a dainty mirror within, it's pure decadence. With 1g of product, you might wonder if it's enough and I asked myself the very same question. Luckily, it is due to the heavy pigment that will make the eyeshadow last a long while.

From dawn till dusk, it stays true. Around hour eight, the eyeshadow may throw in the towel, but the glitter? It's a trooper.

In a nutshell, I'm head over heels for this shade. With that irresistible sparkle, Legendary Gold might just be joining my collection for the holiday season!

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