Jean Paul Gaultier - La Belle

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Consider me a fragrance explorer, always on the lookout for new olfactory adventures. Despite my self-proclaimed status as a fragrance enthusiast, there's still a world of scents I've yet to uncover. Jean Paul Gaultier's perfumes have been on the scene for ages, but I must confess, I've never taken a whiff—until now!

One of the reasons I hesitated with JPG's perfumes might just be the bottles. They're inspired by the human form, both masculine and feminine, and let's be honest, they lean a tad towards the flashy side. However, fate intervened, and I got my hands on Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle—the poster child of this fragrance house.

Let's talk packaging, shall we? The box is a metallic can and the glass bottle perches on its own pedestal, evoking visions of plush red cushions beneath a royal crown. It's bold, it's bombastic, and dare I say, a bit cheeky. Still, against all odds, I don't entirely despise the bottle. Sure, it's a glass rendition of a woman's figure, but it's a practical size, easy to stow away, and fits snugly in a handbag. They come in three sizes—30mL, 50mL, and 100mL. Me? I went with the petite 30mL.

Now, the scent itself? It's like autumn in a bottle—rich and robust without inducing a single headache. The initial burst is fresh and crisp, with a tantalizing hint of pear, but the real star of the show is a powerful combo of vanilla and zesty bergamot.

Top notes: Pear
Middle notes: Bergamot
Base notes: Vanilla

This autumn fragrance doesn't hold back; I typically go for just two spritzes, and that's enough to carry me through the entire day (and more on my clothes).

I've got a soft spot for it, especially during this cozy season, but it won't be my everyday go-to. Variety, after all, is the spice of scent life!

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