Social media viral: Clinique - Black Honey

* This product was gifted to me for review

I think we have established that I am easily influenced and can be sucked into any trend  when it comes to makeup. That’s why I would like to start a new serie where I will be reviewing makeup products that became viral and I simply could not resist hopping on the wave of trend myself.

Let’s open this serie with a very popular lipstick from Clinique - the one and only Black honey lip balm. The lipstick comes in an elegant slim silver tube and the product itself is so dark and deep creating and illusion of black lipstick. Don’t worry, I am well past my goth/emo stage so I am not aiming to match my darkest eyeliner (and my soul) with my lips. 

Despite its dark look, once applied the balm covers the lips in a beautiful blackberry sheer colour. It’s creamy, hydrating and buildable. I cannot confirm or deny that this shade suits every skin tone as advertised but I can definitely confirm it suits me. It gives my lips nice and juicy look and it feels very comfortable on the lips. Obviously, it is a balm so the shiny juicy look wears off after a while but the tint stays on for long so only gentle top ups are required through the day. 

The price may be steeper for a lip balm but this classic from Clinique has been around since 70s for a reason and I think the price is justified. It’s one of the timeless makeup staples that is loved for generations and we should give some respect to this makeup OG. I can see the hype and I am officially on board.

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