YSL: Lash Clash Mascara - Review

AD - Gifted for a review

I have not reviewed mascara here for a while. That’s mainly because I have discovered my ultimate favourite and up until now I did not feel like buying anything else but Sky High from Maybelline. 

The truth is, I am not even a fan of high-end mascaras. I am not saying they are bad, but the drugstore mascaras improved so much that the high-end ones are just not worth it anymore. There may be, of course, an exception to the rule. This time, it is Lash Clash mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. To keep it 100% honest, I picked this mascara solely for the amazing packaging which I thought may fit my IG feed well. It turns out though, the Lash clash mascara is much more than just an Instagram-able tool. It is a very decent mascara too! 

It comes in large packaging. For any reason I expected it to be smaller. It contains 9ml of product which is quite good for mascara (most mascaras are around 6-7ml). The applicator is chunky and fluffy which is my favourite kind of applicator. Usually, the fluffier wands composed of thin bristles are usually more gentle to sensitive eyes.

The effect is very intense. The mascara gives the lashes more volume. I apply two coats. 

When it comes to the final effect, mascaras nowadays achieved a very good standard and most of the mascaras that come out usually create a decent look regardless of being drugstore or high-end. The amazing effect this mascara achieved is not the major reason I really like this mascara. It is the comfort when wearing it. My eyes are sensitive due to wearing contact lenses and loads of very good mascaras can be a bit uncomfortable (not to the extent I could not wear it but It’s not 100% if you know what I mean). This one is perfect in this aspect. The application is smooth and easy and It feels like I don’t have anything on my lashes when wearing it. It does not annoy my eyes whatsoever no matter how long I have makeup on. 

The removal of the mascara is easy regardless of being smudge-proof. Needless to say, I use oil-based cleansers so it may be more difficult using micellar water but I cannot say. 

The price is steep and usually, I would say “well, the drugstore will do” but for the reasons stated above, I will very likely re-purchase this mascara. It can be a bit more affordable when purchased in gift sets such as this one that contains a travel-size eye makeup remover and black eye pencil. 

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