Clinique: Take The Day Off

AD - the product in this post was gifted to me for a review

Cleansing oils and balms are my preferred first step of the double cleanse skincare routine. I used to be scares of oils but the Moringa cleansing balm from Emma Hardie changed my (skincare) life. It quickly became my holy grail but the price is steep so I’m on a never ending quest to find a cheaper option. 

The Take The Day Off cleansing balm from Clinique has been around for a while. I am generally not a huge fan of skincare from Clinique so I never felt the urge to give it a go. However, I have seen a couple of reviews that changes my mind and I decided to give it a try. 

I got the 125ml pot of the balm but it also comes in 30ml travel size and 200ml jumbo size. The balm is fragranca free and should be non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). The composition seems less oily compared to other balms, it is probably closer to a cleanser cream. It melts well when rubbed into the skin taking most of the makeup off while massaging it into my face. 

It feels lighter than most other cleanser balms and I think this is the big reason why people like it so much. I personally like too but it does not take off some of my eye makeup, so a proper eye makeup remover has to step in. This is the main reason why I am sticking to my beloved Moringa Cleansing balm from Emma Hardie. That one removes everything.  The Clinique balm leaves my skin nice and soft but I keep getting random spots on my face since I started using this balm and I think it is because of this cleanser. I had the same response to some other products from Clinique so I think Clinique is just not my brand when it comes to skincare.

As you can tell, I did not find a replacement for Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm this time but I am glad I finally tried this viral product. My quest is therefore not over and I am looking forward to continue this adventure.

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